How long does it take to become a winning trader


The legitimate question that all the new traders(stock market and forex) ask me now : How long does it take to succeed in trading? There are people and even trainers who say that you will become a winning trader in one month, others say in two months and still others in twelve months. Apparently, when we look at these words, we see that there is no time limit and I will try to answer this question by explaining to you 3 important processes that must be retained to become a good trader:

  • Devote yourself to training,
  • Managing emotions in the face of markets,
  • And have determination.

Devote to training :

In order to master any field, the first most important point is to train and it’s the same for trading! If you want to become a winning trader you need to know how much time you can devote to your trading training. Do not forget that trading is a business and it is learned then mastering trading will require a lot of time, but also a real commitment.

For example with a full-time job, it is clear that you will not have as much time to devote to your training as a person who is totally free. From there, you have to take into account this constraint, that is to say, the lack of time to train in trading. It’s obvious that all these constraints will surely influence your learning You have to realize that becoming a successful trader takes time and hard work, for me “it takes at least one or two years of hard work to see the results “.

Managing emotions in the face of markets :

Becoming a winning trader requires a strong personality
There are some people who tell me “I want to make a living with trading to support my family, I want to become a winning trader” there is already a problem! This person has no training or control of the market, she does not know if it is made for the markets or for trading, she will only know after testing and of course it will still take time, on the other hand if you have the right state of mind it could work.

Success requires a strong personality, there are people who are strong in the face of difficulties, these pressures push them to give the best of themselves. Me, for example, when I’m in difficult situations, I work harder and I do my best, but there are people who collapse easily when they go through difficult times, in spite of all that we have to be intelligent and above all to be providing.

Realize your personal situation
If you do not have sufficient means to trade for example, you will find yourself in a delicate financial situation. And if you have a family to take care of, you have to take into account this aspect and not play with the market. It is true that sometimes we get carried away by the fact that we want to become a winning trader quickly but be smart, the market will not disappear. The most important thing is to have a long-term vision, that is, no matter how many years it will take, what matters is that you reach your goal. We must be determined to succeed, and above all, start with a strategy to protect ourselves from the worst. If we really are facing difficult situations, we need to know how to manage them and how to make it even worse.

Now if you have the means like this famous trader Mark Weinstein who worked in real estate. He wanted to change profession and was determined to become a winning trader.

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He first set aside the survival budget for one year, in addition to a capital dedicated to trading. He has been trading for 6 months, he has locked himself at home, worked the graphics … He worked hard and he has risen, he is a special case.

If you find yourself in a situation where for example you have a companion who does not have the same vision as you and who can not support you, it is certain that at a certain moment this can have an impact on your situation. ‘mind. So you have to be with someone who can help you in difficult times.

It’s the same on the markets, if you’re stressed on the markets, the markets will not forgive you, there’s this sentence that says “Scared Money Never Wins”, the money that’s scared never wins, precisely if you want to become a winning trader and you do not focus on the market, you are stressed or busy with other problems you will surely lose “do not forget that the financial markets do not forgive anything” it only takes one small mistake to pay very dearly.

I have a friend who has lost a lot of money while he is pro in trading, but why? It’s been quite a few years that he works in the markets, he has an excellent level but he had a very difficult week, you see that even for the best it can be a problem so imagine a beginner who has not all means, what will happen to him?

Already you must fight for yourself that is to say you must master all these aspects that may seem trivial but are very important because it is these small details that will make the difference in the markets. You must solve your personal problem, if you are calm and if you have enough capital to trade you can focus on the markets and become a winning trader.

Have determination :

Another important point for becoming a successful trader is determination. You must ask yourself the right questions:

  • Are you determined?
  • Is trading your passion?
  • Do you want to live from trading?
  • Do you want to break out in trading?


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If you are trading only for money or just to show off and socialize to say, “Look, I’m trading, I’m doing this or that” then it’s useless. Do it because it is something that you are passionate about, that is important to you and that fits perfectly with your personality, especially you have to practice it in a determined way. Trading is like any other field, you have to put in a lot of effort to succeed and become a winning trader! It’s like someone who goes to the gym, he is regular and rigorous for one or two weeks and then we never see him again, certainly, he will never progress.

In short, becoming a successful trader is based on 3 important points: control of emotions, market understanding, and determination. Success will not happen overnight, it will take a lot more time and work to provide, you can become good in less time, but again you have to face it. Stop searching for shortcuts as there is no secret to winning in trading.



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