ROAD TRIP WITH BABY: my best advice


We often hear that there is no point in traveling with a baby because he will remember nothing. But it’s wrong. He will remember one way or another. Traveling with your baby is one of the best things you can offer him. It’s an experience that will permeate his personality for life.

Certainly, making the decision to make a road trip with a baby is surely not easy. It is a very precise organization that requires a lot of sacrifices. But when we are parents, the sacrifices we make for our children are often a real source of happiness, are not they?

During my world tour with husband and baby, we decided to make a road trip in Australia and the United States. Rich experience in learning that I share here with all the moms planning to travel with their little pieces of cabbage.


– Prepare a list of these favorite books and toys. Toys that are practical for the trip and that will keep him busy on the road when he is not sleeping. Put his music and audiobooks in a CD or USB key.

– Prepare your medicine kit and a diaper bag with a changing mat big enough to change your baby anywhere comfortably.

– If you plan to go hiking, take a baby carrier with you, it’s so much more convenient. However, for the sake of your little miracle, take the time to buy one that will be ergonomic

– Do not forget the documents of your baby, insurance card, health book, vaccination book, contact of his pediatrician, etc … Do not forget to talk to his pediatrician.

– If you are for vaccines, check with an international vaccination center to find out what vaccines your baby needs for the trip.

– Prepare your little one for this trip, talk to him about it, let him choose his belongings that he wants to take with him.

– If you plan to rent a car or a caravan, do not forget to rent the car seat adapted to the size and weight of the baby.

– Do not forget to book a Baby Bassinet by plane. It is better to book it directly by calling the airline.

– Find out about the dangers of the country in question and prepare to avoid them or deal with them.



– Respect the rhythm of your baby. Organize your day to ride during your nap. The goal is that your baby does not suffer this trip but benefits as much as you. That is why it is very important to pay attention to his needs and to do what is necessary to make him satisfied. I advise you to take the time every day to play with him, give him his dose of hugs, take a break whenever he needs it, give him food to eat, drink his thirst and put in place the necessary conditions for him to fall asleep when he is tired.

– A baby should not stay long in his car seat. When your baby tells you he can not take it anymore, take a break, it’s better to delay your arrival by 30min or 1h than to drive with a crying baby.

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– Do not stress especially. Give yourself time, enjoy every moment. If you stress you will spoil your vacation and your baby will start to stress too, it will verbalize his feelings by crying, which will surely not settle the situation.

– Make him participate in this trip. Show him everything and explain what he sees. This trip is also for him. Believe me, he will remember one way or another.


You have to be prepared so that everything does not always happen as planned. There will surely be days when everything will go well and others where you should make some sacrifices. But seeing your child flourish is worth all the sacrifices of the world.

We had lived days that were more difficult than others. Days where we had to face a fever, food poisoning, and dental flares … But the memory that goes back first when we think about this trip, it is the shouts of laughter of our baby to which we had often been entitled.





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