3 pro soccer players vs 100 kids

A company that hires three qualified employees vs a company that hires 100 underqualified employees to do the same job.

You should send this link to your boss as soon as possible, to prove your effectiveness or efficiency :

in this video, you ll see three pro soccer players vs 100 kids. Who wins?



Effectiveness OR efficiency ???

Effectiveness and efficiency are related to the quests we all pursue in life. And there are many. But it is clear that we often do not achieve the goals we have set ourselves. The result will be disappointing in love, professionally, and perhaps also in building your family. This failure is linked to the fact that we do not always correctly associate the notions of efficiency and effectiveness. You are not convinced? Well, read on, and find out how these concepts can be useful for your short-term and long-term goals.

Let’s discover these two notions in a new light

The terms effectiveness and efficiency are the subjects of recurrent confusion. Indeed, if these expressions are complementary, and often specific to the world of the company, they do not mean the same thing at all.

Efficiency is about achieving a set result in advance by implementing all the resources available to us. Thus, one can be qualified as an efficient worker because one realizes the turnover fixed by the marketing director. In your family, you had planned to go on vacation with your little family during each summer. If you have been able to achieve this goal for 4 years, you are an effective head of the family.

But are you an efficient employee?

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