Did Grumpy Cat died? Guess his age

Grumpy Cat, the grumpy cat whose naturally pouting face graces objects of all kinds sold around the world, has died, his American “family” announced on Friday via the official Twitter account of the feline.

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Some days are grumpier than others…

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The animal with the eyes of a very light blue has “suffered complications of a urinary infection” and, “despite the care of professionals”, died “peacefully” Tuesday morning, “in the arms of his mother, Tabatha” , says the announcement of the “Grumpy’s Family”.



The cat with the look constantly disembodied and disapproving, even jaded, had become an Internet star before appearing on TV sets and having his own online store with many derivative articles in his effigy, usually accompanied by a message rejecting any positivity.

The Instagram account Grumpy Cat is enough to make envy less furry starlets: he has nearly 2.5 million “followers” while his official page on Facebook reaches 8,500,000 “likes”.

Her real name “Tardar Sauce”, the cat has tasted the celebrity from 2012. This is a photo posted by the uncle of the young mistress Grumpy Cat who launched his career as a star on the web. Books now have Grumpy Cat for heroin, and she’s also been the face of a brand of croquettes. She is also the main character of a Christmas movie, released in 2014.

Tardar Sauce was born April 4, 2012 and died at the age of 7 years. “His spirit will survive through his fans around the world,” his family said Friday.


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