Aries Horoscope:

Everything you need to know about this astrological sign

Born at the very beginning of spring, from March 21, you are of the sign of Aries. In astrology, it is the very first sign of the zodiac, associated with renewal, the fire element, the planet Mars, and in general, with notions of energy and movement. Aries is associated with the constellation of the same name, and with the house I. Its gemstone is ruby.

What dates correspond to Aries?

These are the people born between March 21 and April 19 who are under the sign of Aries. Or between April 18 and May 12, taking into account the appearance of the 13 th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus .

10 things to know about Aries

Aries might surprise you, do you recognize them if you are told that an Aries …  

  • is able to book a trip halfway around the world on a whim ;  
  • is often jealous of the chosen one of his heart;
  • makes mistakes because he does not think before speaking;
  • be creative in inventing solutions in difficult situations;
  • hates routine , in love as at work;
  • forgives easily once a little water has passed under the bridges;
  • has trouble getting along with another Aries , their characters clash too head-on;
  • health side, must pay attention to stress and its tension;
  • shines in independent professions or as a charismatic leader in business;
  • knows how to be  very generous  when he has to help his friends in need.

Main qualities of Aries: extrovert, dynamic and enthusiastic

Famous Aries: Brigitte Macron, Victoria Beckham, Céline Dion, Emma Watson …

Top compatibility: Aries woman and Leo man

What is the character of Aries?

Strong personality than that of Aries! He is a go-getter, even combative … beware of his horns if you get in his way. But Aries also know a lot about giving to those they love. People born under the sign of Aries are whole beings and when they have something in mind, they do not give up easily. With its position as the leader of the other astrological signs, Aries logically signifies the beginning, the departure, the opening of things. It is a sign of action rather than reflection; outdoor rather than indoor; efficiency rather than precision.

Aries Horoscope for The Week


Love and Dating

The week will be marked by romanticism and attraction, with the supportive presence of Venus! Single, you will have several dating opportunities and you might even be lucky enough to find your soul mate, without necessarily realizing it. So pay attention, love is not far away! As a couple, you will be as inventive as possible to charm your partner. And you will succeed, it will have its small effect! This game of seduction will boost the dynamics of your couple.

Health and Fitness

The week promises to be tonic! You will be struck by the desire to try out many sports activities, whether solo or with your other half. Take advantage of these strong planetary influences to get back to fishing. Beware of falls all the same, if you embark on a bicycle race or acrobatic disciplines. Do not let the adrenaline overwhelm you, especially if you return to sport after several months of stopping. Take it gradually and you will be fine.

Work and Money

Under the influence of your House V, you will want to combine passion and work. A combination that is not always easy to find but that you will need to fully develop yourself. You will seek out what are your most buried aspirations in order to give meaning to your professional activities. You will attach less importance to the pecuniary aspect of your profession. A person more or less close to you will also be at your side. You will welcome this help!

Family and friends

The weather is pretty good right now. With the movement of the planet Uranus, your family cocoon will be under the best auspices. Your optimistic attitude will promote the richness of your relationships. If you are married, your union will be stronger than ever. If you have children, they will be tender and affectionate towards you. If you are single, it could be that a romantic encounter disturbs your daily life. You will attract sympathy.

Aries Horoscope for Next Week:

Love and Dating

You have Julia Roberts syndrome in Pretty Woman. You wait for the other to save you, but in your case, from an imaginary danger. You refuse to take responsibility for yourself and always find a way to blame your partner for “not helping you”. Do it on your own! Your addiction makes you heavy. Single, you are carried by the wings of Uranus. Determined to get things done, you deploy treasures of your imagination to seduce the chosen one of your heart. With success !

Health and Fitness

Excellent week ahead for you on the health side! You have energy to spare and the desire to do a thousand activities. The arrival of Mars in your sky has something to do with it. Unfortunately your time and energy are not unlimited and that frustrates you a bit. Certainly, there are a lot of projects that interest you, but you have to think about sleeping also from time to time. You are going to have to organize your schedule in a reasonable way so as not to exhaust yourself or undermine yourself.

Work and Money

You give yourself fully to your projects. You would like others to give their all too, with the same involvement and the same energy as you and you sometimes expect a little too much. Without realizing it, you may be demanding too much of others. This misplaced demand could then trigger a feeling of disappointment in you and counterproductive pressure in others. Your investment is honorable and worthy, but you cannot force others to do the same.

Family and friends

You were supposed to go to convention next week. Fortunately, it is canceled. Therefore, forget even this crazy idea of ​​working permanently. Indeed, since you have free time, why not organize a meal with part of your family? Maybe by repeating the action, you will enjoy this weekly tour. Useful to update certain data or to see life from another angle, this contact will quickly become essential.

Character of Aries: a sign with a strong personality!

Ruled by the planet Mars, planet of action and courage, Aries is a sign of fire, above all very dynamic. Aries always seeks to be the first, he is a pioneer, very independent, who likes to train others and make them surpass themselves, with a somewhat “dictator” side. Impulsive, impetuous, determined, he knows no middle ground, and can overflow with enthusiasm and anger!

He is a winner, a tireless, conquering, combative worker, who likes challenges and competition, without scruples, without worrying about risks or dangers. For Aries , life is a constant challenge. His fiery temperament , his frenzied activity make him hate failure, but he has enough energy to bounce back and get up for a new fight! Aries rushes forward without looking back. On the health side, he has a tendency to severe migraines.

The character of the Aries woman: strong, liberated personality

The Aries woman is very passionate, in all areas of her life. She is often thin, muscular, with a beautiful bearing of the head. She loves costume and imposing jewelry. She is an activist, very feminist, a liberated woman, who does not hesitate to embark on professions considered as reserved for men. The Aries woman can be a great reporter, surgeon, financial expert, or even succeed in high level sport, politics.

She is a great competitor, who hates passivity and mediocrity. She finds it difficult to submit to a hierarchy, and does so only if she feels legitimacy and admiration for her superiors. Very intelligent, she is lively, sharp, very frank, endowed with a strong protest spirit , and can be aggressive, sharp in her words as in her actions. The Aries Woman needs to let off steam in action, in activities that go beyond her daily life, in trips that open up new horizons. Ardent, stimulating, daring, her immense energy and her passion for life are not always very easy to live with.

The Aries woman in love: a great passionate

In love, the Aries woman is just as passionate as she is in life. She is a very great lover, who can even be quite teasing at the beginning of her romantic life, igniting the time of a flash in the pan. Hunter, conqueror, she does not hesitate to throw herself at the head of whoever pleases her. Fascinating, it attracts a lot men.

The Aries woman gets carried away, gives everything of herself until she loses control. But she is also a great independent , who will hate being a housewife, and has nothing to do with the security of the couple. Once she finds her soulmate, she totally idolizes him, with a great sense of the absolute, and may suffer a lot, if not never recover from the failure of her relationship. She needs a loving, more thoughtful, strong and confident man who will support her independent spirit and strong character without being overpowered or feeling belittled.

On the side of love compatibilities, the Aries woman will spin the perfect love with the Libra manor ascending Libra: she will make him do what she wants, but he will always keep the power to disturb her, to charm her; very complementary, they are both entrepreneurial, in very different ways. The agreement will be excellent with the Lion man, for his nobility, his warmth, his fervor, which fulfills his aspirations to the grandiose. As well as with the Sagittarius man, a strong, adventurous man, very free, with a fast pace. Aquarius and Gemini men will attract the Aries woman with their vivacity and originality, their lightness. Beware of the frictions with the Cancer man and the Pisces man, sensitive and dreamy, that the Aries woman dominates and terrifies. Likewise with the Taurus and Capricorn men, too rigid, that they would not yield to him enough.

The character of the Aries man: a man of action in a hurry

Often thin and nervous, the Aries man often reveals a carnivorous smile, dominated by the furious need to impose himself. His pace is frenetic, he is a Superman who likes to prove his superiority in everything, is stimulated by obstacles but refuses setbacks and does not often recognize his faults. He is stubborn, sensitive, but on the other hand does not harbor an ounce of vanity. The Aries man is gifted for action and power. He excels in professions related to the legal (lawyer, judge) and the medical field, and can also set up his own business and be successful in business.

A born leader, he gets bored quickly and constantly needs action and renewal, competition and competition to inspire and motivate himself. Very energetic and enthusiastic, persevering, charismatic, centered on himself, his bellicose spirit, dominated by Mars, god of war , does not hesitate to crush others in his path by rushing headlong. The Aries man often has as many friends who can count on him as he has enemies that he has hurt and who cannot stand him.

The Aries man in love: watch out for his outbursts!

The loves of the Aries man are often a succession of love at first sight and cataclysmic ruptures, terrible scenes and great reconciliations. Dominated by his sexuality, the Aries man seduces women with anger and then leaves them eagerly. But as soon as he comes up against the slightest resistance, he is capable of anything to conquer. The Aries man will therefore be very attracted to haughty women , not very accessible, with a strong and assertive character, whom he needs to admire.

Not very expansive and unromantic, he hates routine in the couple, but he can get married and have a long-term relationship, if his lover surprises him and dazzles him with her independence: he will stay if she shows him that she can live without him! On the other hand, he does not admit in the other the pranks, which he can, him, agree of right. On the side of his love compatibilities, the Aries man will spin a perfect union with the Leo woman, a dazzling, conquering, independent woman of power, whom he will admire deeply. The understanding will be excellent with the Sagittarius woman, active, athletic, and very positive. With the Gemini woman too, whose lively intelligence stimulates him. The Libra woman attracts him but tends to admire him too much, as well as the Aquarius woman whom he ends up finding too indecisive, and the Pisces woman whom he likes to impress.

The character of the sign Aries according to its ascendants

Aries ascending Aries

The Aries ascendant accentuates the natural impetuous character of Aries. Humor and determination are there. The Aries ascendant Aries person lives fully in all aspects of their life. Love is intense and professional life has to be full to be interesting.

Aries ascending Taurus

The rising Aries Taurus has a strong character and a desire to enjoy every moment. Aries ascendant Taurus people are not afraid of work and they devote themselves entirely to it, especially if there are challenges ahead. Family and love values ​​are paramount for the Aries ascendant Taurus.

Gemini Ascendant Aries

It is important that the life of the ascendant Gemini Aries is full of rhythm and surprises. A certain inconstancy is sometimes compensated by a quick intelligence and a desire to move forward. In love, Aries ascendant Gemini people appreciate relationships filled with laughter and projects, but rarely fusing.

Aries Ascendant Cancer

The ascendant Aries Cancer needs to surround himself with loving and caring people in order to thrive. At work, it is the same, and he prefers a stable job to a precarious occupation. Family life takes a big place in Aries ascendant Cancer people. Sometimes a feeling of insecurity can lead to jealousy.

Aries ascending Leo

The ascendant Aries Leo is very good at bringing people together thanks to an attractive personality and a leading soul. With strong self-confidence, Aries ascendant Leo people know how to lead a successful team. In their love life, they can be without concessions, but place their relationship at the center of their attention.

Aries Ascendant Virgo

The ascendant Aries Virgo can show themselves in a moody mood, with moments of elation followed by empty spells. Success is often present in his life, because he has an eye for detail, he is dynamic and has great intuition. Intellectual and emotional stimulation nourishes the romantic relationships of the Aries ascendant Virgo person.

Aries ascendant Libra

A whole personality, the ascending Aries Libra is always frank, at the risk of offending, but without ulterior motive. Cheerful and friendly, he knows how to be a chameleon and adapt to his encounters and situations. Aries ascendant Libra people are charming and affectionate, and need similar feedback.

Aries Ascendant Scorpio

Loving challenges and putting themselves in danger, the ascendant Aries Scorpio does not give up and goes to the end of his projects and his ideas, no matter what. The life of a couple is not a long calm river because of this constant need for movement. And if teamwork can be hectic at times, professional life is generally rich.

Aries ascending Sagittarius

The rising Aries Sagittarius only backs down from few obstacles. He is determined to work as long as he is given freedom of choice and action. Art and culture are activities that stimulate one’s imagination. Boredom happens very quickly in love and it can lead to some inconstancy of feelings.

Aries ascendant Capricorn

Organization and seriousness characterize Aries ascendant Capricorn people who like things to be clear and in place. Both sociable and solitary, moments of withdrawal are important to be able to breathe. The ascendant Aries Capricorn is faithful in love and friendship even though he often stays on the reserve.

Aries ascending Aquarius

The ascendant Aries Aquarius is a creative person, who knows how to surprise and seduce with his originality. He knows how to measure risks before embarking on a project, but can sometimes want to go too fast. In work as in love, the lively personality of Aries ascendant Aquarius people brings together.

Aries ascending Pisces

The ascending Aries Pisces is a sensitive being who tends to attach quickly and to suffer from tense atmospheres or conflicts. He needs a climate of trust, based on openness, to be able to thrive. His social relations are excellent and full of empathy. Family life is made for an Aries ascendant Pisces.

Aries compatibility

Discover the compatibilities of Aries: with what other signs of the zodiac Aries sparks, with which he spins the perfect love … and with whom it should never be associated!

Compatibility for Aries women :

Aries woman and Aries man

Ms. and Mr. Aries have the same passionate, dynamic and adventurous nature. Their meeting is wonderful, but very quickly many clouds will appear in their sky. Dominated by Mars, they tend to rush forward without thinking about the consequences. Their jealousy and their similarities are too strong. Mrs. and Mr. Aries will not stay together for life.

Aries woman and Taurus man

Eager to give the best of himself, Mr. Taureau will want to satisfy his partner. It gave him some stability. He will help him to carry out his projects. Unfortunately, Mr. Taureau is a homebody! And Ms. Bélier, who loves adventure, will have difficulty coping with it. Thus, these signs, respectively, of Mars and Venus, have hooked atoms from a sexual point of view, but their relationship is in danger of quickly breaking down.

Aries woman and Gemini man

Between Fire and Air, the relationship is complementary! Mr. Gemini, from Mercury, is fanciful, he has a great open-mindedness, a lot of imagination and spontaneity. Mrs. Aries knows how to appreciate these character traits; she, who is generous, moody and full of life. Conquerors and loving to please, Mrs. Aries and Mr. Gemini, will be able to be frivolous, but without that their couple is affected.

Aries woman and Cancer man

Mr. Cancer is a secretive and very loving being. Endowed with an important sensitivity, he can be very demonstrative. His caresses may then tire Ms. Aries who needs a strong man. Their relationship can be lasting if Mrs. Aries and Mr. Cancer live in an environment where space, nature and the great outdoors are the key words. Madame can exercise at will while Monsieur will develop an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Aries woman and Leo man

Mrs. Aries is the ideal companion for Mr. Lion. Their fiery character unites them and their sexuality is fully blossomed. Passionate by nature, Ms. Bélier and Mr. Lion have many affinities. They have the same generosity, the same passion, the same taste for risk, and the same vanity. By their union, Mars and the Sun will reign over a happy family.

Aries woman and Virgo man

Ms. Bélier loves Adventure, she wants to live fully, following her instincts, with a touch of carelessness. Mr. Virgo needs security. Lif²e seems to him a vast subject of worry and he takes pleasure in a certain routine which reassures him. The union of Mars and Mercury, which are quite opposed, can only be ephemeral.

Aries woman and Libra man

It is difficult for Ms. Bélier and Mr. Balance to find common ground. Madame finds that Monsieur, although pleasant, lacks determination and ambition. Mr. Balance thinks his Beauty is excessive, too impulsive. Added to this is the fact that Mr. Libra is a born Don Juan. He multiplies the adventures and Mrs. Aries, who cannot remain frozen in front of these acts, feels obliged to enter in competition.

Aries woman and Scorpio man

Admiring each other, Mrs. Aries and Mr. Scorpio have a passionate and very active relationship. Their boldness unites them and jealousy adds flavor to their sexual relations. Mrs. Aries will practice to unravel the mysteries of the personality of her partner and even if by nature, Mrs. Aries and Mr. Scorpion can enter in competition, their agreement will be lasting.

Aries woman and Sagittarius man

Ms. Aries and Mr. Sagittarius both have a taste for adventure and action. While Madame brings mirth to her partner. She finds in him, an altruist, who knows how to stand up to him. So here is a couple ready to go around the world. Their union does not lack interest!

Aries woman and Capricorn man

Mr. Capricorn is very demanding with himself and with others. He likes to be in control and thinks that Ms. Bélier is far too independent, carefree. Madame, he reproaches his reasonable and calm sides. Mars and Saturn have little to say, here represent opposite signs, which will have difficulty finding common ground.

Aries woman and Aquarius man

Ms. Bélier is impetuous. She wants to live at a hundred miles an hour. Mr. Aquarius is a dreamer for whom independence is vital. In common, they have a developed taste for Life and Freedom. Together, they will be able to build a solid union, where independence will have a preponderant place.

Aries woman and Pisces man

Ms. Bélier wants to dominate Mr. Poisson that she has trouble identifying. Their different Universes, Fire and Water, make it very difficult for their couple to understand each other. And failing to do so, Mr. Poisson, unable to bear that Mrs. Bélier wants to rule her life, risks going to see what is happening nearby.

Compatibility for Aries Men :

Aries man and Aries woman

Ms. and Mr. Bélier have the same passionate, dynamic and adventurous nature. Their meeting is wonderful, but very quickly many clouds will appear in their sky. Dominated by Mars, they tend to rush forward without thinking about the consequences. Their jealousy and their similarities are too strong. Mrs. and Mr. Aries will not stay together for life.

Aries man and Taurus woman

Ms. Taureau, by her apparent calm and patience, can bring serenity and security to Mr. Bélier. Through her perseverance, she will help him pursue his ideas. Mr. Aries must however be wary of his conquering spirit. If he is not able to moderate it, he can expose himself to outbursts of anger from Mrs. Taurus, whose possessiveness is a preponderant trait. So Venus and Mars can have incompatibility problems unless they can moderate their heat.

Aries man and Gemini woman

Ms. Gémeau likes the uprightness and strength of Mr. Bélier who does not lack dynamism. With her imagination, Ms. Gémeau, brings spice and fantasy to everyday life. This complicity makes them happy. Be careful though! Mr. Aries is jealous which is opposed to the taste of his companion who, for her part, likes games of seduction.

Aries man and Cancer woman

Water and Fire have trouble getting along well. Mr. Aries is an enthusiast who loves mystery and intrigue, rushing forward without thinking about the consequences. A sign of Mars, he struggles to understand the romance and displays of affection that Ms. Cancer can give. Always wanting to be reassured, she may even suffocate this man who needs space.

Aries man and Leo woman

Ms. Lion enjoys success and recognition. Mr. Bélier, very active, wants to succeed. “Always better”, “always more” are the key words of these two Fire signs. Born conquerors, they will find it difficult to be satisfied with the attention that their companion can give them. Watch out for heated arguments!

Aries man and Virgo woman

When they meet them, Mrs. Virgo will be fascinated by the vitality and boldness of Mr. Aries. But she finds it too superficial. He won’t be able to give her the security she needs. For his part, Mr. Aries would like to go on an Adventure, which is not compatible with Mrs. Virgo, who delights in the Universe she has built for herself. The only obvious conclusion is: incompatibility.

Aries man and Libra woman

Ms. Libra longs for a peaceful environment while Mr. Aries cherishes the discord. She criticizes his excessive airs, sure of himself. Their interests differing completely, we should not be under any illusions! Mr. Aries will not hesitate to “count flowers” to these ladies, not accepting that his partner adopts the same attitude.

Aries man and Scorpio woman

Ms. Scorpion and Mr. Aries, always ready to get carried away, have a tumultuous relationship. They do not hesitate to compete, but also know how to appreciate each other. If Mr. Aries manages to prove his attachment and if they manage to get over their arguments, Mrs. Scorpion and Mr. Aries will be able to savor their union.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman

Altruists, strong independent, full of vitality, lovers of Adventure Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Aries have a multitude of points in common. In search of a certain social success, these Fire signs are ready to do anything to see life in pink.

Aries man and Capricorn woman

Mrs. Capricorn likes to see in Mr. Aries a man ready to take life to the fullest. She is a woman for whom wisdom and stability are important criteria! With patience and rigor, she will want to build for the long term. Yes, Mr. Aries manages to think a little more before going for it, their union to last.

Aries man and Aquarius woman

Ms. Aquarius appreciates Mr. Bélier, who is full of life and knows how to surprise her. Very autonomous, she finds in him a man who will understand her. She will know how to make him dream and appease his impulses. Their understanding can be perfect if they don’t get too caught up in the games of seduction that both love. Between Uranus and Mars, the relationship can be sweet or explosive!

Aries man and Pisces woman

The meeting of Ms. Poisson and Mr. Bélier is inevitable. Mr. Aries is the man that Ms. Poisson is looking for, a symbol of femininity for him. Their sexuality will be totally fulfilled but Mr. Aries must be careful not to hurt Ms. Poisson with her incorrigible desire for conquest!

Aries 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

The legendary impulsiveness of Aries will not be without playing tricks on him in 2021! In a hurry to arrive, little inclined to compromise and of an eruptive temperament, the Aries will inevitably get in trouble both professionally and financially. However, this irreducible warrior can count on his innate sense of humor to help himself out. You have the chance to know how to win the hearts of others and no matter if “you have your crisis” your loved ones always plead indulgence towards you.

First quarter horoscope 2021

The presence of Jupiter in your sky unleashes your inner demons. You throw all your might into a losing battle and you burn up helplessly. At the dawn of this year 2021, you are already exhausted and consumed with resentment. Placed under the aegis of House I, you still manage to keep up appearances in public. Your entourage, on the other hand, pays the price for your crazy ambitions . Literally, as figuratively …

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

Spring will be accompanied by a beautiful improvement in your professional situation . The conjunction of the Moon and House VI in your astral horizon allows you to rethink your approach strategy. Calmer and more measured, you have all the lucidity you need to assert yourself other than through outbursts of voice.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

You are under the influence, dear Aries. Struggling with House VIII, linked to transformations, you transmute yourself into a capricious and destructive adolescent . You challenge, deny, burn what you once loved so much. Because you have definitely sided with the nefarious advice of an air sign, you are sabotaging what you have set out to do. You want something new, nothing but new. Pull yourself together because this frenzy of change isolates you. There are many around you who are threatening to forfeit.

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

It seems that your year is characterized by its binarity! Consistency is definitely not your first quality. As the end of the year holidays approach, you are determined to change course. Neptune puts you on the path to spirituality . Your environment is enriched with new and beneficial presences. You, the indomitable ambitious, have you vaguely seen me, learn to see beyond appearances.

Love: what the year holds for Aries

You are far too preoccupied with your professional situation to claim a fulfilling love life, at least in the first trimester. In a Relationship, you ignore your partner, if not to call him to witness the injustices of which you feel a victim. The setbacks that mark your journey at the beginning of the year humanize you over the months . If you have a heart to take, know how to manifest yourself in the fall, under the governance of Neptune. Water will bring you luck.

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for Aries

You must learn not to show your game in such a blunt manner . You often lack subtlety in your approach, a defect specific to your natural element, fire. In the second trimester, teamwork can be of great benefit to you. A born leader, you manage to make your opinions triumph, without imposing them on others. Your talent lies primarily in your strength of conviction. You are a ship captain, not a lone navigator. Keep this in mind.

The health of Aries this year

Under the tutelage of the planet Mars, you are hostile to any form of precaution. You don’t like being chaperoned at all. Be aware of the risks to which your hypersocial temperament can expose you in the context of a pandemic. Take advantage of sport to meet your need for physical expenditure and why not invest in an exercise bike or a rowing machine! Nervous, irascible and thoughtless, you have every chance to multiply the excesses in the first and third trimester. Should we remind you that alcohol and tobacco are dangerous for your health? Come on, come on, be a little reasonable.

Family and friendly life for Aries in 2021

Do what I say, not what I do” might be your leitmotif. During the first trimester, you stupefy your loved ones with advice that for nothing in the world you wouldn’t agree to follow. Do not be afraid of words, you dream of a world in which friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, parents and children will obey you. In return, you would be prepared to show the full extent of your generosity. Treat those around you as equals . Your relatives are not your vassals. In the third quarter, prisoner in the throes of Pluto, you will learn to see in them something other than subordinates …

Aries forecast for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Aries ascending Aries

Surely the worst astral combination of 2021! Far from slowing down your outbursts, your ascendancy increases them tenfold. Lost dog without a collar, you run in all directions in search not of a master but of universal recognition. You have the madness of grandeur.

Aries ascending Taurus

The earth sign that is Taurus skillfully weighs your excitement. Both ambitious and pragmatic, you find a form of professional balance. Sentimentally, you will be too materialistic. You might regret it.

Gemini Ascendant Aries

Your ascendant makes you a brilliant seducer. You have the assurance of a fire sign and the volubility of an air sign. You will be a little too aware of your charm which may expose you to mockery.

Aries Ascendant Cancer

A somewhat stormy combination. Of an angry nature, you become under the effect of your ascendant a being who dwells. Let you be offended once and you will never forget. Please learn to forgive!

Aries ascending Leo

You are like the raven in the fable. For a compliment you will get lost! This year you will be far too sensitive to flattery and sometimes forge questionable relationships just to get drunk on praise.

Aries Ascendant Virgo

If the fire is burning within you, you often struggle with doubt. Virgo’s uneasy character will act on you sometimes positively (she will keep you from doing something stupid) sometimes negatively (she will cut you off). It’s up to you to make the most of your ascendant!

Aries ascendant Libra

You can count on Libra to give you the balance you need. She will know how to temper your excesses without depriving you of your vital force. Positive energy from which you will reap the rewards.

Aries Ascendant Scorpio

If there is no failure, everything will be fine … But at the first failure, you will become unlivable! So that your disappointment does not turn into fury, it is in your best interest to play sports. The water calms you, go for a swim!

Aries ascending Sagittarius

Here you are to spend more time in the parks, gardens and bistros than at your office or with your family. You will want us to leave you alone and finally let you enjoy the outdoors. Freedom, if not nothing.

Aries ascendant Capricorn

An elephant in a china shop, this is the image you send back. You are steeped in good intentions, but there emanates a brutal awkwardness that you cannot fight against. It makes you endearing and even irresistible. 2021 will prove it to you …

Aries ascending Aquarius

You will have no equal to confuse your interlocutors. Clever and unscrupulous, you will know how to “place yourself” even if it means trampling a few heads in the process.

Aries ascending Pisces

The year 2021 promises to be a happy one from every point of view thanks to the support of Neptune. So why so many worries? You will most likely suffer from hypochondria.