Horoscope for the week

Love, money or work … Will your zodiac constellation serve you this week? Take stock of your weekly astral forecasts right away with your personalized horoscope, sign by sign, from Monday to Sunday.

The week promises to be tonic! You will be struck by the desire to try out many sports activities, whether solo or with your other half. Take advantage of these strong planetary influences to get back to fishing. Beware of falls all the same, if you embark on a bicycle race or acrobatic disciplines. Do not let the adrenaline overwhelm you, especially if you return to sport after several months of stopping. Go gradually and everything will be fine … Read more about Aries weekly horoscope

For some time, we no longer recognize you. In the evening, you prefer to stay at home rather than see the world. On weekends, you spend your free seconds recovering. As a result, your friends are asking questions and trying to motivate you to take a breath of fresh air with them. Once the first step is taken, in a star turn, the playful nature of your sign will quickly return. Influenced by the presence of Jupiter in your sky, you will find colors as you move away from the darkness … Read more about the Taurus weekly horoscope

A week that promises to be stormy as you are so eager to contradict your partner. Mercury in your sky acts negatively on you and pushes you to a chicane. No sooner does your loved one open his mouth when you express a contrary point of view, on principle. To believe that you are yearning for a conflict … If this is the case, you can be reassured, your partner should not take long to storm! Single, you lack naturalness, your suitors may have trouble identifying you … Read more about the Gemini weekly horoscope

Your wish at the moment: put butter in the spinach. With the arrival of the planet Jupiter in your sky, you will manage to save big and small. This as soon as the opportunity arises. It would even be tempting for you to supplement the end of the month with an odd job or work overtime. Whether you live in a cohabitation or with your parents, your willingness to participate in the life of the home will rise throughout the week … Read more about the Cancer Week Horoscope

Now is a good time to rest and take care of yourself. Letting go can be very positive during this period. Take the time to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries. If you have the opportunity to walk in the forest or in a park near your home, let yourself be carried away by the ambient calm of nature! It will be easier for you to resume your usual activities after you have cleared your mind. Your body will thank you for this deserved break!; .. Read more about the Leo weekly horoscope

You still have some time to prepare for this family reunion. Organized in a week, the latter should be summed up under the sign of reunion. Take the opportunity to try to find out a little in advance about the presents. Anyway, it is well known, the absent are always wrong. In addition, it will be useful to update your information: future parents, newlyweds, newcomers? Keep these moments treasured in your heart. They remain essential to your balance. Free … Read more about the Virgo weekly horoscope

In a Relationship, you will notice the appearance of some tensions, stupidly due to a lack of communication. A word of advice: favor dialogue and mutual assistance rather than arguments and each one withdrawing into yourself. The presence of the planet Neptune this week will give you the necessary courage and accompany all your efforts. Single, you are looking but you cannot see: it seems that someone has genuine feelings for you. You should pay more attention to those around you … Read more about Libra weekly horoscope

A need for solitude torments you these days. You are more comfortable working alone. Relationships are strained with those around you and you feel awkward in society. Take advantage of this period of estrangement and take a step back, without excluding those who are really close to you: it is the moment to count on your support and to strengthen your links with them. The financial situation makes your situation difficult: however, attractive openings could be created … Read more about the Scorpio weekly horoscope

The current aspect of the planet Neptune will awaken your senses more than usual. You will appreciate more the fondant and the texture of chocolate, the smell of clean linen will comfort you, your gaze will focus with interest on the colors of the sky … You will encounter lively interactions with your interior and exterior environment. Do not hesitate to savor these moments of poetry with gentleness. These sensory experiences are good for your body and your mind … Read more about the weekly Sagittarius horoscope

Saturn is urging you right now to rocket everything! If you don’t live alone, you won’t contain your exasperation with the mess around you. In your opinion, everyone should do their part to live in a tidy and pleasant interior. You will vigorously urge those around you to tidy up and clean their living space. Even if it means creating a schedule of household chores so that everyone participates. Your requests will eventually be heard and you will be able to breathe … Read more about the weekly Capricorn horoscope

You tend to experience things passionately, and the presence of the planet Neptune in the V house will only amplify that! If you are single looking for a relationship, you will want to find the person with whom you will share everything, to whom you will tell everything. As a couple, you and your partner will always be with each other. You will not leave him real moments of intimacy. If it suits both, no problem, otherwise be careful not to suffocate the other too much … Read more about the Aquarius weekly horoscope

Quiet week ahead: you have few interesting tasks or opportunities. This allows you to breathe after a very intense period on the work side. You sometimes border on boredom, the activity is so thin. Don’t let this fleeting calm put you to sleep: an unexpected proposal could reach you at the end of the week. On the financial side, no new things in prospect: you keep your capital, which allows you to peacefully plan the next expenses, which could prove to be important … Read more about the Pisces weekly horoscope