Cancer Horoscope

Cancer: all you need to know about this astrological sign

This sign which opens the summer, since it begins on June 21, is associated with diplomatic and sentimental personalities. The Moon rules this sign, its element is water, and its gemstone is emerald. In search of permanent harmony, the natives of Cancer are very attentive to their environment and those around them.

What dates correspond to Cancer?

These are the people born  between June 22 and July 22  who are under the sign of Cancer. Or between July 20 and August 9, taking into account the appearance of the 13 th  zodiac sign, Ophiuchus .

What is the meaning of the sign Cancer?

Cancer is the crab  : a Greek myth says that the goddess Hera placed him under the path of Hercules during his trials. The demigod crushed him under his heel, so Hera transformed him into a celestial constellation. The main satellites of the sign of Cancer are the Moon first, then Jupiter. Its constellation is surrounded by the Little Dog, in the south, by the Lynx, in the north, and the Hydra.

10 things to know about the sign Cancer

Are you of the sign of Cancer yourself, or do you know people of this sign? Don’t you find Cancer …  

  • is a great romantic in front of the eternal
  • knows how to receive friends very well
  • tends to be anxious and somatize sometimes for no serious reason
  • is very attentive in love as in friendship
  • seeks to avoid conflict by all means
  • is often nostalgic for his childhood
  • is close to nature and committed to its defense
  • sometimes has impressive intuitions
  • is extremely devoted to his family
  • can be sensitive when you run into his sensitivity

Main qualities of Cancer: sensitive, tender and discreet

Famous Cancer: Isabelle Adjani, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Diane Kruger …

Top compatibility: Cancer woman and Scorpio man

What is the character of Cancer?

Discreet sign, you have to wait to get into your privacy to fully understand the character of a Cancer. The linchpin of his personality is his extreme sensitivity  : it is this who makes him so attentive to others, so considerate as a couple, but also who can lead him to get upset or to suddenly return to his (crab) shell. So it takes time and delicacy to tame a native of Cancer  ! Nonetheless, when one succeeds, one is rewarded with his unwavering loyalty which makes him a great friend, a faithful spouse and a fantastic parent… More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Cancer

The sign of Cancer favors openness to others and dedication in human relationships . Thus, the Cancer woman will form a perfect couple with the Scorpio man, who shares her altruistic values ​​and on whose strength she will like to rest. For his part, the Cancer man will be seduced, in a somewhat paradoxical way, by the Gemini woman whose delicacy charms her, even if her lightness may cause their couple to experience a stir… More Here



Love and Dating

Harmony and tranquility will be there this week, thanks to the influence of Jupiter on your sign, especially for the first decans. Your partner will be there to support you in your projects and you will feel strongly about their support. Singles, take advantage of the energy infused by Jupiter to take charge of your love life. If you fell in love with someone, try your luck and declare your love for them! You will have a good chance that it will go well.

Health and Fitness

Of a greedy nature, you like to eat well, limit a little too much. Your diet is not very healthy. You’re not a fan of diets, but this week you might not have a choice. Some gastric and intestinal concerns are to be expected if you do not pay a little more attention to yourself and your health. Without depriving yourself of everything, you will need to rebalance your diet. Ask for the help of a nutritionist if you wish to be accompanied, and you will see that healthy can rhyme with pleasure!

Work and Money

Your wish at the moment: put butter in the spinach. With the arrival of the planet Jupiter in your sky, you will manage to save big and small. This as soon as the opportunity arises. It would even be tempting for you to supplement the end of the month with an odd job or work overtime. Whether you live in a cohabitation or with your parents, your willingness to participate in the life of the home will increase throughout the week.

Family and friends

What an idea to face all the anxiety that you have accumulated in recent weeks on your own! Why not open up on this subject to all your relatives? Sharing everyday things with friends has therapeutic virtues. Yes, perfectly, Social Security should reimburse empathy. So, forget this anxiety of the blank page or this recurring drop in motivation. By confiding in your worries, you feel less isolated in the face of the cruelty of the outside world.

Forecasts for the sign Cancer :



Love and Dating

A native of the second decan, you are only interested in impregnable citadels. To believe that your motivations lie more in conquest than in the satisfaction of your desires. You are cerebral and you often prefer to sublimate your love rather than to live it. This week, you will rely a little too much on the responsiveness of the chosen one to your signals. Your discreet subtlety will once again go unnoticed. Perhaps you should adopt less convoluted methods …

Health and Fitness

With Saturn’s current position in your sky, some digestive upset could arise this week. They are often a sign of a diet that is too rich or of significant stress. Avoid foods that are too fatty and reduce your coffee consumption if you drink it. Prefer foods that are easy to digest such as rice, cooked vegetables or soup. Choose tea to revitalize yourself and cut out soft drinks. You will feel much lighter and more relaxed!

Work and Money

Your professional situation will be quite stable this week. If you enjoy the situation as it is, this balance will be positive for you. This will bring you great serenity. Conversely, if this situation is not satisfactory for you, show patience and perseverance. Indeed, all is not as frozen as it seems. You can decide to make a difference, asking yourself what you would really like and what you can do to make it happen.

Family and friends

Family or friendship differences are very likely to arise during the next few days. Stay alert and don’t get aggressive in the event of disagreement. It’s time for concessions. These will be the only solution to restore harmony. Do you want to be heard? You will let it be known and eventually come to an agreement with your efforts. For this, compromises are required, as are constructive exchanges and forgiveness. Show yourself a little more forgiving!

Forecasts for the sign Cancer :

Cancer astro character: a loving and intuitive sign

Sensitive and loyal, Cancer is particularly intuitive and relevant. Attentive to others, he needs to protect. Very tender, Cancer dreams of a simple and happy family life. He is a demanding parent, a little overwhelming at times, but particularly loving.

Dreading arguments, conflicts and tensions, the native of Cancer constantly seeks to resolve problems before they arise. Not liking unpleasant remarks, he can however be touchy and sluggish when angry.

Cancer is willing to do anything to please others and be helpful. It is his immediate circle, that is to say his family and his work, that matters most to him. Any annoyances can have consequences on his health. Cancer, too nervous and anxious, has a tendency to somatize.

The Cancer woman: a devoted and artistic temperament

Discreet and feminine at the same time, the Cancer woman does not like to attract attention . Cautious in nature, she never does too much and can therefore seem self-effacing. But she knows it: it is her ingenuous side that generally seduces those close to her. Very maternal , it is within her family that the Cancer woman finds her true happiness. She also shows great dedication to those she loves. Open-minded, she never judges others and easily makes friends. They appreciate his generosity, his tolerance and his welcome, always warm.

But be careful not to annoy him! The Cancer woman can easily get out of her hinges and surprise her world. She is also particularly orderly, not to say maniac. Nothing in business, even a little gullible,  it is on the art side that she is the best . Her sensitivity and her imagination make her a gifted person in sculpture, painting or drawing. It is therefore perfect for exercising a profession in which creativity is important.

The Cancer woman in love: romantic, even jealous

The Cancer woman is a great romantic. It is therefore natural that she needs to share romantic moments with her other half. Tender and in love, she needs a partner who is present, kind and caring … which does not mean good dough. Indeed, when the Cancer woman has enough confidence in the strength of her relationship, she has a tendency to become capricious. Her man must therefore know how to stand up to her. The Cancer woman appreciates the advice and support of a man who can guide her in her decisions.

Attached to her family, the Cancer woman expects a man to share the same values ​​as her. Sometimes jealous, she can also be dependent . If she doubts her partner’s loyalty, she will do her investigation discreetly. But beware of what she will discover: the Cancer woman is capable of impressive arguments!

In bed, she is very changeable. She herself has trouble keeping up with fluctuations in her libido. However, influenced by the Moon, her sexuality is turned towards orality.

When it comes to love compatibility, the magic happens in the blink of an eye with Pisces – another water sign. Communication will be intuitive and obvious. Very different from the Taurus man, the Cancer woman still appreciates her charm and gentleness. With a Virgo man, she can live a balanced and harmonious relationship. Finally, a Scorpio man offers the Cancer woman powerful sensuality and impressive magnetism.

The Cancer man: wise and traditional

The least we can say is that the Cancer man is not an adventurer. Cautious, he wants to preserve his safety and his bearings . He is finally comparable to the crab which symbolizes his sign: he dreams of taking his house with him, on his back, when he travels. Routine does not scare him, quite the contrary. Both discreet and concerned about his image, the Cancer man is particularly afraid of ridicule. Attached to his family, he appreciates the time spent with those close to him  when strangers interest him little.

When he feels comfortable, the Cancer man looks talkative and jovial. Of a nostalgic nature, he attaches great importance to his past memories, his childhood, and the education he received. He respects traditions and wants to perpetuate them. Serious and generally gifted at work, he does not boast of his successes. He seldom mentions his desires and dreams, as if he feared to disappoint or to disappoint himself in case of failure.

The Cancer man in love: he knows how to make a long-term commitment

In love, the Cancer man has one goal: stability. Once he has found a balanced woman with the desire to build a serious relationship and sharing the meaning of family,  the Cancer man does not hesitate to make a commitment . Besides, he is not the type to ask questions when he thinks he has found THE right person. In a Relationship, Cancer is loyal, understanding and considerate . He behaves like an old school gentleman or charmer and goes out of his way to make his partner happy. No one else counts apart from their half.

However, it must be recognized that the Cancer man can have a certain apprehension in the face of love: he needs to be reassured, or even that we take control during the seduction. He dreads falling from a height, the breakups are always painful for him.In bed, the Cancer man turns out to be a perfect lover. Devoted to his partner, tender, romantic and intuitive, he knows how to go about it. He also has a strong imagination when it comes to fantasies.

Married and father of a family, his priority is his home. In case of tensions, he will do everything to make the situation better. The Cancer man gets along particularly well with Pisces women, whose sensitivity he appreciates, Virgins, whom he considers reliable, and Scorpios who seem so insightful and deep to him. Conversely, he finds Aries too aggressive and Lions too proud.

The character of the sign Cancer according to its ancestors

Cancer ascendant Aries

He has a dual personality that is both calm and impulsive. His absent-mindedness is offset by a lively character and a need for action. Hypersensitive, the ascending Cancer Aries is capable of often unexplained mood swings. Despite its complexity, it needs strong social ties and stability.

Cancer ascendant Taurus

The Taurus ascendant prefers the sweetness of the home. His homey character does not make him lazy and he is a hard worker who appreciates material comfort. Family oriented, he is a protector at heart. Generous, but reserved, he makes his decisions after long reflections.

Cancer ascendant Gemini

He is sociable and has an ease of communication and a willingness to open up to others. Often moody, the Cancer ascendant Gemini is also more sensitive to criticism. Intelligent and curious, he envisions projects that he struggles to achieve through excess of laziness.

Cancer ascending Cancer

The Cancer ascendant is secret, although often very surrounded. Listening to others, he is more often a confidant than a protagonist in stories, because he knows how to hide his sorrows. However, he remains very sensitive and easily influenced, which is why he needs a reassuring environment in order to flourish.

Ascendant Cancer Leo

The Leo ascendant is proactive. He is often the first on a business or within his group. A slight narcissism makes him seek compliments and appreciation from those around him. Charismatic, he attracts attention but is also generous and caring towards those he loves.

Cancer ascendant Virgo

Cancer ascendant Virgo is realistic and pragmatic. Organized, he likes rigor and has a developed practical sense. More reserved than distracted, he hates being in the spotlight. In spite of himself, he often develops a lack of confidence and a need for security.

Ascendant Cancer Libra

He is creative and empathetic. Sociable, he appreciates surrounding himself without feeling the need to be the center of attention. Tender and affectionate, the ascendant Cancer Libra prefers to be attentive to the needs of others. Possessing a developed artistic sense, he likes elegance and harmony.

Ascendant Cancer Scorpio

The Scorpio ascendant needs action. Sensitive and enigmatic, he knows how to protect himself in his relationship with others by never revealing himself completely. With a firm character, he makes decisions without allowing himself to be influenced and knows how to stick to them, which sometimes makes him surly and stubborn, even irritable.

Cancer ascendant Sagittarius

The Sagittarius ascendant is idealistic. He dreams of one life and often leads another. He acts on several fronts, because he likes to carry out his projects simultaneously and hates inaction. He has difficulty protecting and recovering from setbacks, whether professional or personal.

Cancer ascendant Capricorn

He has a taste for a job well done and therefore spares no effort. More responsible and patient, the ascendant Cancer Capricorn does not hesitate to make long-term commitments that he holds rigorously. Preferring small groups to large demonstrations, he is familiar with developed intimacy.

Cancer ascendant Aquarius

The Aquarius ascendant is versatile and fanciful. He often uses roundabout ways to achieve his ends and often changes goals. He hates limiting himself, whether in his feelings or his plans, and he is overwhelmed by them most of the time. Intuitive, he surrounds himself with people who know how to understand him.

Cancer ascendant Pisces

The Pisces ascendant is hypersensitive. His reactions are often disproportionate, because guided by his too great sensitivity. This gives him an exacerbated creative talent, but also the need to be protected and reassured. Intuitive and empathetic, he has a tendency to absorb the emotions of those around him.

Forecasts for the sign Cancer :

Cancer compatibility

A loving and sensitive sign, the native of Cancer is looking for a partner who knows how to reassure him. With which astrological signs can he form a lasting and passionate couple?


Cancer woman and Aries man

Water and Fire have trouble getting along well. Mr. Aries is an enthusiast who loves mystery and intrigue, rushing forward without thinking about the consequences. A sign of Mars, he struggles to understand the romance and displays of affection that Ms. Cancer can give. Always wanting to be reassured, she may even suffocate this man who needs space.

Cancer woman and Taurus man

Here is a sweet association between Venus and the Moon. Mr. Taureau will support Mrs. Cancer, helping her to achieve her professional projects and allowing the fulfillment of her material desires. But beware ! Mrs. Cancer loves with her head and his physical needs are less important than those of Mr. Taurus whose appetite can appear disproportionate.

Cancer woman and Gemini man

Mr. Gemini, constantly dissatisfied, can appreciate the sincerity of Mrs. Cancer but he will not be able to face it. His feelings are superficial and he likes games of seduction. Stability is not his hobbyhorse and by his extreme independence he can only offend Madame, who needs authenticity.

Cancer woman and Cancer man

All united. Their tastes, their goals are the same. Their common values ​​such as family, stability and financial security can provide them with great satisfaction. In the more or less long term, they will start a journey of which marriage will be the crowning achievement.

Cancer woman and Leo man

Ms. Cancer will admire Mr. Leo for the Energy he gives off and although he has a bit of a proud side, she doesn’t mind. For his part, Mr. Lion, appreciates the tenderness and attention shown by Mrs. Cancer. Together they make an ideal combination for starting a family. Their children will be the little heirs of a happy Kingdom.

Cancer woman and Virgo man

Ms. Cancer and Mr. Virgo are naturally suspicious in love. And while Mr. Virgo may blame Ms. Cancer for her extreme sensitivity, he loves her gentleness and comfort. Mrs. Cancer, trusts him and knows that she can count on him. Thus assured, she will show herself responsible and ready to found the family she so desires. Together, they will form a happy home.

Cancer woman and Libra man

Mr. Libra’s sensuality will be able to melt Mrs. Cancer. Their sensibilities will bring them together but their conceptions of things are not the same. Ms. Cancer likes to think that the relationship she begins will be lasting but Mr. Libra, rather fickle by nature, has difficulty convincing her.

Cancer woman and Scorpio man

The altruism that characterizes them is the basis of their union. Mr. Scorpion represents for Mrs. Cancer: strength and robustness. With such a partner, Madame will be able to bring out her sensuality, her delicacy … showing herself in her best light. By their frankness they will avoid any implication and will form a happy couple.

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man

By her feminine and maternal side Madame, will know how to seduce her partner. But Mr. Sagittarius likes to move, grab his bag and go to the other side of the world, while Mrs. Cancer prefers her interior, where she feels good. With a little good will they will be able to come to an understanding when the gentleman puts down his luggage.

Cancer woman and Capricorn man

In the Cancer Capricorn couple, Mrs. Cancer holds the rather candid and sensitive side, bringing cheerfulness to her partner who will assist her in making decisions and planning their everyday life. Together, they will develop a complementarity promising lasting and stable links.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man

The signs of affection that Mrs. Cancer needs are not the strong point of Mr. Aquarius who swears by his independence and his quest for a better world. The detachment he shows will be hard to bear for Mrs. Cancer, for whom proof of love is vital. In essence, then, it’s hard to say that Ms. Cancer and Mr. Aquarius will be able to get along.

Cancer woman and Pisces man

The reasons for living on these Water signs are tenderness and security. They know how to listen, share and soothe their partner’s concerns. Mrs. Cancer will know how to bring a little joy to the life of Mr. Poisson who has difficulty in being positive. Their perfect union will be an eternal romance.


Cancer man and Aries woman

Mr. Cancer is a secretive and very loving being. Endowed with an important sensitivity, he can be very demonstrative. His caresses may then tire Ms. Aries who needs a strong man. Their relationship can be lasting if Mrs. Aries and Mr. Cancer live in an environment where space, nature and the great outdoors are the key words. Madame can exercise at will while Monsieur will develop an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Cancer man and Taurus woman

Mr. Cancer will not be able to resist the image presented to him by Mrs. Taureau. Their common inclinations for the family, the material goods make them, a couple of ideal appearance. Watch out for appearances! Ms. Taurus, in the long run, may not accept Mr. Cancer’s behavior, which is unequal, authoritarian and sometimes arbitrary!

Cancer man and Gemini woman

Ms. Gemini and Mr. Cancer are opposed. While Monsieur gets to the bottom of things, Madame likes the superficial. One point however the united, Mrs. Gemini and Mr. Cancer will be perfect lovers. Indeed, their sexuality should be very developed!

Cancer man and Cancer woman

All united. Their tastes, their goals are the same. Their common values ​​such as family, stability and financial security can provide them with great satisfaction. In the more or less long term, they will start a journey of which marriage will be the crowning achievement.

Cancer man and Leo woman

Mrs. Lion wants a strong man who will be able to stand up to her and dominate her. She blames Mr. Cancer for not being expansive enough, too secretive and reserved. He will have to assert himself as a “dominant male” and know how to show off if he wishes to keep his sweetheart.

Cancer man and Virgo woman

With his gentleness and his attention, Mr. Cancer will give Mrs. Virgo everything she needs to flourish. And even if there are days that are more difficult than others, signing a lifetime contract will make her the happiest woman. Perfect mistress of the house, she will know how to give him the home he has always dreamed of.

Cancer man and Libra woman

Mrs Libra and Mr Cancer or how to live together when you do not live the same way! Mr. Cancer enjoys “the quiet life”, unsurprisingly. He needs signs of affection to be reassured. Mrs. Libra, very busy with her social life, will try to make Mr. Cancer happy if she manages to give him a little more time. But as we say so well, nothing is won in advance.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman

Mrs. Scorpio’s voluptuous nature captivates Mr. Cancer, who cannot resist her. For his part, Mr. Scorpio provides the calm and security that Mr. Cancer needs. Together, they will develop a prosperous union where sexuality will be the master of all words.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

Although they have many character traits between them, Mr. Cancer is the mate Ms. Sagittarius is looking for. He represents the father she desires for her children. When she charms him, she will do anything to keep him.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman

Mrs. Capricorn is thoughtful which gives her a little cold and distant side. She likes the traditional version of seduction, with presentations. Suspicious, she will however be able to accept the advances of Mr. Cancer who will offer her affection and attention. Madame and Monsieur can form a couple with their feet on the ground, reasoned and stable.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman

Mrs. Aquarius turns Mr. Cancer’s head. While this one is at home waiting for him for a little tenderness, Madame will be in the distance exalting his desires to help his neighbor, forgetting even to apologize for it. If Mr. Cancer can understand it and be satisfied with it, their relationship can be lasting.

Cancer man and Pisces woman

Like, Mrs. Poisson and Mr. Cancer will have a happy home. Protective and tender, they will form a couple ready to face life and its trials. The romanticism that will animate them will make them see life in pink.

Forecasts for the sign Cancer :

Cancer 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

For Cancerians, the year 2021 will be what we call a Grand Cru! Usually reserved, even fierce, Cancer, cramped in his shell, will reveal other facets of himself. Combative and enterprising, this water sign will have the art of making itself heard in high places. No more procrastinating or waiting before fulfilling your desires. Cancer will show childlike impatience with anyone who stands in their way.

First quarter horoscope 2021

Under the influence of Mars, you will become suspicious and even a bit paranoid. At the start of the year you will experience a strong feeling of betrayal and sharpen your arguments in anticipation of an imminent war … Your partner may protest his innocence, he will only manage to convince you halfway. In reality, the bad professional climate in which you will evolve will have an impact on your life as a couple . You will tend to blame your other half when it is a colleague, deceptively friendly who will stab you in the back.

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

At the beginning of spring, you will decide to make clear space around you . You will not put up with hypocrisy or pretense, which is why you will decide to open up to your hierarchy about the difficulties you are facing. The providential presence of Mercury in your sky will make you eloquent and convincing. You will gain more flexibility in your organization and manage to extricate yourself from a subjection that has become unbearable.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

The House VII in analogy with Libra will make you a skilled communicator. You will take advantage of the summer to increase your network. Naturally intuitive, you will be able to rely on people you trust and be wary of manipulators. You have a unique talent for detecting cunning and lies. Your profile will appeal to recruiters but may not be exactly in the industry you were initially targeting. Take this opportunity to broaden your field of investigation! You can seduce beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself!

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

2021 will come to an end for you with a bang. Armed with daring and courage, you will be fully able to face new responsibilities. You will defy the predictions of envious Cassandra, impatient to see you fall from your pedestal. The conjunction of the Moon and the V House suggests that your love life, too, will take an unexpected path . 2021 could be the year of engagement.

Love: what the year holds for the native of Cancer

After a chaotic start to the year, you will pull yourself together by developing a new acuity of heart. You will show empathy and moderation, putting yourself in the good graces of the Moon. Both more mature and more sensitive, you will offer your partner a new version of yourself . Nothing will frighten you anymore, neither marriage, nor children, nor even the dog! You will dream of commitment. Single, you will tend to put your suitors to the test to ward off short-lived relationships.

Cancer love horoscope forecast for 2021A somewhat wary water sign, Cancer is known to turn in on himself whenever his feelings put him in danger. In 2021, this anguish will postpone the moment of great declarations again and will live his passions internally but in an intense way.

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for Cancer

Your sentimental development will have a positive impact on your work . A virtuous circle will be put in place from the spring. Supported by the IV house, you will manage to get rid of certain parasites in your workplace. You will also dare, which is not in your habits, to oppose refusals to your hierarchy. This anti-establishment attitude, far from attracting enmity, will inspire respect. You should never be afraid to set limits, that’s what will keep you going. Nothing to say about your finances, the year promises to be cloudless.

Cancer work horoscope: what’s new in 2021?In a family, Cancer would be the youngest. Pampered, pampered, kept in childhood by parents greedy of his youth, this sign of water, arrived at adulthood becomes a lively and awake being. Whimsical and a little capricious, he is hardly able to cope with frustration. In 2021, Cancer will have a hard time accepting being infantilized in the workplace. Full of ideas to diversify his sources of income, he will occasionally become a patron.

Cancer money horoscope: what finances in 2021?Fearful and tormented by the fear of lack, Cancer, with rare exceptions, is hardly lavish. Reasonable and prudent, Cancer knows from an early age how to build up a little nest egg in anticipation of days of famine. In 2021, this water sign expert in hoarding will come out of its reserve a little and will consider investing its money in order to promote its enrichment.

The health of the sign Cancer this year

The year 2021 will not change you at all. In terms of health, you will remain as you have always been: eminently plaintive! Fortunately, the Moon will put you in the presence of an understanding entourage. From time to time you may experience stomach problems related to your almost permanent state of tension . The practice of an activity such as yoga or meditation would be ideal for you. And if you don’t want to leave your home, know that there are online courses! Namaste .

Family and Friendship Life for Cancer in 2021

In analogy with House III, the planet Mercury will make you particularly lucky. You will be treated as a child king . Your loved ones will never cease to pamper you and pamper you like the blessed youngest of a family.

Cancer forecasts for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Cancer ascendant Aries

The beautiful energy of your Aries ascendant will give you wings. You will be able to defend your yard as soon as you feel it threatened. You will also be right to give voice because success will be at the end of the road.

Cancer ascendant Taurus

A workaholic under the influence of your Taurus ascendant, you will have a hard time easing off. However, you must learn to save your strength, otherwise your body may call you to order. Fragile of the back, you could suffer from recurrent sciatica.

Cancer ascendant Gemini

An air sign expert in communication and seduction, your Gemini ascendant will make you a being with strong erotic potential. The alliance of timidity and boldness will seduce more than it is possible to say! Be careful, this summer you risk crossing the road of a water sign with a twisted mind. Go your way.

Cancer ascending Cancer

A sulphurous astral combination heralding a life of debauchery! In addition to leading the way in 2021; you will be irresistibly drawn to all the places of celebration and perdition. You will be inclined to multiply romantic relationships and to flee any form of stability.

Ascendant Cancer Leo

You may get overwhelmed by your anger, especially at the end of summer. You will have to learn not to react hot and to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before responding to an offense.

Cancer ascendant Virgo

You are probably not in the best position to give advice, so why do you insist on giving it? You will irritate many of your loved ones with your untimely remarks and judgments, especially as fall approaches.

Ascendant Cancer Libra

Champion of Normand’s answers, you will unsettle your other half. What do you want ? What do you prefer ? Dare to say it, no one will hold it against you!

Ascendant Cancer Scorpio

Cheerful as a chaffinch, you will be the sunshine of your loved ones. You will hold the key to family cohesion.

Cancer ascendant Sagittarius

This astral union will undoubtedly not be the most fruitful in 2021! Your Sagittarius ascendant will strengthen your wait-and-see attitude. In addition to not making any decision, you will let yourself live like a snake strolling between two rocks. Work ? You won’t be in the mood to talk about it …

Cancer ascendant Capricorn

You will be playing a dangerous game throughout the first quarter, which will come at the cost of some angst. Take the time to oxygenate yourself and have fun with your friends.

Cancer ascendant Aquarius

It will be very difficult for you to admit your wrongs. Champion of bad faith and denial, you will get entangled a little too often in pointless explanations … which will annoy your partner!

Cancer ascendant Pisces   

Your candid and youthful smile will disarm anyone who will be tempted to take you for a slack. Little angel with devastating charm, you seem to be inhabited by grace!