Virgo Horoscope

Everything you need to know about this astrological sign

The astrological sign of Virgo corresponds to the natives of the end of the summer, until September 23: the sign of the re-entry, therefore. Under the control of the Earth element, and associated with the planet Mercury, Virgo personalities are pragmatic and reserved; rich in human qualities, but which are not available to everyone. Their favorite gemstone is opal.

What dates correspond to the sign Virgo?

Anyone born  between August 23 and September 22  will be Virgo. A staggered period 16 September to 29 October, taking into account the 13 th  astrological sign called  Ophiuchus .

What is the meaning of the sign Virgo?

Virgo corresponds to the 30 ° sector of the ecliptic. The constellation Virgo is extensive, and its brightest and best known star is Virginis, or the Epi. The Virgin is sometimes drawn with a scale, because it is often identified, in Greek mythology, with the goddess of Justice, Themis ; other legends bring her closer to Artemis, the wild and chaste goddess of nature.

10 things to know about the sign Virgo

If you know Virgo personalities around you, or if you yourself are from this house of the zodiac, you will undoubtedly agree that the native of Virgo …  

  • hates any form of surprise and the unexpected
  • is a storage pro
  • let others own their successes
  • flees conflict
  • think carefully before making a decision
  • don’t like people talking about him
  • seek tenderness and gentleness
  • shows great politeness
  • can’t stand to do nothing
  • is sometimes (wrongly) judged as cold when he / she is just shy

Main qualities of Virgo: modest, reasonable and organized

Famous Virgins: Beyonce, Claudia Schiffer, Lou Doillon …

Top compatibility: Virgo woman and Scorpio man

What is the character of Virgo?

You have to arm yourself with patience and understanding to enter into the intimacy of the Virgin! This earth sign is very attached to the home and is quite distant with people he knows little, which is sometimes called haughty. Yet he hates being the center of attention and is never happier than when he has managed to please those close to him. Hyper methodical, Virgo personalities make very good analysts, project managers, financiers … but inevitably, it will be necessary to reckon with their rigid side, because they have the faults of their qualities…More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Virgo

In love, the native of the Virgin is extremely generous and involved. He is looking for a partner to whom he can give everything, and who will not be stifled by this excess of love. The Virgin woman finds this ideal in the Scorpio man, who will be grateful to support him behind the scenes as he shines on stage. As for Monsieur Vierge, he will get along particularly well with a Taurus woman, as he signs to her from Earth, but who will know how to reassure and cheer him up…More Here



Love and Dating

Looking for a beautiful love story, you want to meet new people and play the game of seduction. And that’s good, this week you will have the blessing of the planet Venus! Flirtation or beautiful romantic story: you are not looking for anything specific, so you will let yourself be guided by your heart. Living as a couple, you will also benefit from the influence of Venus. Wonderful moments full of love will be on the program! It will be the perfect osmosis with your spouse.

Health and Fitness

A small drop in speed to note these recent times. Your organization alerts you in its own way. Nervousness, fatigue or hypersensitivity, pay attention to your body language. By quickly spotting these signs of weakness, you will know how to act on them. Go to bed at reasonable times and choose foods rich in iron or vitamin C during your meals. In case you feel overworked, give yourself breaks once in a while and don’t pull the rope harder.

Work and Money

Financial stability and balance are on the agenda for the week. You implement your good resolutions in terms of consumption. Try to continue your efforts afterwards and try to reason with yourself throughout the year. There are little tips to save big. For example, set a shopping budget that should not be exceeded before you go shopping for food. Otherwise, prepare a ready-made list so you don’t forget anything and avoid overspending.

Family and friends

Not all truth is good to say! You will have your tongue hanging out with those around you. Especially if you were born during the first decan. A frankness that could upset some. When you feel the need to express yourself, be careful to weigh your words carefully. Otherwise, expect overreaction from your tribe. Be diplomatic without beating around the bush. This will give you peace of mind.

Forecasts for the sign VIRGO:



Love and Dating

The presence of Mars in your sky makes you a little cranky. You don’t want to talk, you have a headache, you only feel good when the other turns the key in the lock, heading for the exit. Luckily, your partner knows how to spot the warning signs of a thunderstorm and manages to be forgotten. Single, after rather promising beginnings, you decide, God knows why, to send everything flying by scuttling you. You are definitely a very mysterious sign.

Health and Fitness

After a somewhat troubled period that has led you to meticulous introspection, you find a deep inner balance: you are in harmony with yourself and this shines through on all levels. Externally, you give off an impression of reassuring serenity for those around you. Perhaps this balance is facilitated by practicing meditation techniques: if so, it works, keep going! If not, think about how you got to this point and what steps you can take to get there again.

Work and Money

You will benefit from the aura of the Sun in the professional field. That’s why you won’t run out of ideas and energy! This will allow you to be very productive in your efforts or in your work. You will chain projects as if nothing had happened. This sparkling dynamism will radiate to the people around you. Be careful not to overdo it, however, and consider easing off. It would be a shame to exhaust yourself with the task. Be careful though this week!

Family and friends

It had disappeared from radar, but it is finally back on the screen of your neurons. You never really got to forget that childhood friend. Alternately a partner of giggles and wild evenings, he had such a special place in your life that no one could and knew how to replace him. However, sending a message this week was enough to make everything start again as if these five years of cut had never existed. For sure, you will make up for lost time while sharing a lot of things.

Forecasts for the sign VIRGO:

VIRGO character:

discretion and sensitivity

Virgo is an Earth sign. The person born under this sign therefore naturally turns to home and rooting. She is a homebody, and prefers stability to change. His main character traits are thoroughness, order and reason.

His practical sense and his methodology make the native of Virgo  an efficient person at work, and his sense of observation allows him to adjust his decisions according to the situation.

However,  Virgo does not let her feelings control her , and she is often cold out of distrust of others. Reserved, Virgo is humble, and does not seek glory despite her many professional and emotional successes. In addition, she often questions herself, doing the same with her choices and her path. She prefers to set herself sometimes unnecessary limits rather than taking uncalculated risks, especially at the level of her relationship with others.

The Virgo woman: affectionate and discreet

The Virgo woman inherited the main characteristics of her sign. Discreet, she will always favor reason over passion. Her reserved attitude sometimes makes her austere in the eyes of others. On the contrary,  the Virgo woman is warm although modest . She doesn’t make great displays of affection, but is very generous. She doesn’t hesitate to let others take her credit because she doesn’t like being in the spotlight.

Highly appreciated professionally, she accomplishes her tasks discreetly and efficiently, and does not act impulsively. She will always take the time to weigh the pros and cons, which makes her a very good advisor, although sometimes judgmental. Simultaneously with her sense of duty and responsibility strongly present in her character, she shows a real fear of failure and abandonment. The Virgo woman hates conflict  and anything that might be out of her control. This is why she takes care to avoid situations that could put her forward or compromise her.

The Virgo woman in love: attention, sensitive soul!

The Virgo woman is not a seductress at heart. When she charms, it is through her reserve and discretion . Her shyness as well as her fragility make her a person we adore or hate. He will often be criticized in the relationship for his too great shyness, which can be confused with prudery. The Virgo woman is unfortunately often attracted to men who do not suit her expectations. Out of idealism and romanticism, she would like to feel reassured and protected in words and deeds, and paradoxically, she remains sensitive to seductive speeches. If she always manages to keep herself from hucksters, she can’t help but hope to change the fickle characters that she likes.

Despite her reserved character, the Virgo woman is possessive , and has difficulty supporting estrangement from the other because of her lack of self-confidence. Virgo women are sensitive and need to feel completely reassured to thrive. Faithful and romantic, she is a so-called interior woman who prefers to devote herself to her home rather than to maintain an active social life.

A Taurus will be able to give her the security she is looking for, and a Cancer a romantic and calm relationship. Pisces, her opposite sign, will be able to reassure her and counterbalance her discreet character. On the contrary, she will undoubtedly be attracted by the seduction of Scorpio or Gemini, but they will have more difficulty managing her anxieties and her need for stability.

The Virgo man: foresight and stability

The Virgo man hates the unexpected , and appreciates being able to control his environment. The changes scare him. This is why a stable professional situation is built up fairly quickly. Pragmatic, orderly, applied and rigorous, he is gifted in his work because he aims for efficiency and performance. The Virgo man is honest, whether in his business or personal relationships. Generous, he is attentive to his loved ones and their needs, but he acts with discretion. Because the Virgo man is above all a reserved person who hates to expose himself in any way.

Very far-sighted, often to the extreme, he lacks spontaneity, and this is his main flaw. Demanding both in his relationships and in himself, the Virgo man appreciates feeling well surrounded . If he is rigorous in his way of being, he shows tolerance towards the faults of others when these are part of his close relations, because the friendships and family ties are very important to him.

The Virgo man in love: the perfect gentleman!

Tender and courteous, the Virgo man is all about the perfect modern-day gentleman . If he is not a born seducer, his romanticism seduces tender hearts. Not appreciating change and complex situations,  the Virgo man shuns sulphurous love affairs, and prefers long relationships . Listening to others, his sensitivity gives him a great understanding and an exacerbated tenderness. He will not hesitate to invest himself, but will have more difficulty opening up sentimentally.

This is why he needs an intelligent person who will know how to understand his reserved temperament without taking offense, which can often be a problem within his relationship. The Virgo man will get along better with a Libra despite his whimsical nature, as both are romantic, open to dialogue and to each other. Sometimes fragile, he needs someone who understands him and is honest with him while being gentle with him, because his lack of confidence can make him vulnerable to criticism.

The Virgo man is neither jealous nor possessive, but he does not stand for lies or deception . His protective and family-oriented character will make him less compatible with fire signs, often seductive and independent, like Scorpio. He will be able to get along with the signs of water like Cancer, romantic and reserved like him, or air like Gemini, which will balance his lack of confidence.

The character of the sign of Virgo according to its ancestors

Virgo Ascendant Aries

She is determined and combines her sense of organization with a spirit of initiative. Unfortunately, her fears often prevent her from achieving her goals although she tries to be assertive. Virgo ascendant Aries is easily dispersed and may show overreacting or a moody character.

Virgo Ascendant Taurus

She is a perfectionist almost to the point of mania. His projects are always organized down to the smallest detail and meticulously leaving no room for spontaneity. Hardworking, the Virgo ascendant Taurus does not spare her efforts, because she thrives in social and material success.

Virgo Ascendant Gemini

She is a great talker who handles the verb adroitly. Her communication skills make her an outstanding speaker who can defend her convictions with argument and humor in support. The Virgo ascendant Gemini is clumsy, his gift for conversation often hides his confusion and lack of confidence.

Virgo Ascendant Cancer

The Cancer ascendant is very reserved and modest. Often in the moonlight, her mind would rather wander than try to make her dreams come true and she has a strong imagination. Introverted, she surrounds herself with a circle of close friends whom she trusts and hates media overexposure.

Virgo Ascendant Leo

The Leo ascendant is charismatic. Dignified and proud in appearance, she possesses a natural ease and authority which command respect. If she often seems cold in the eyes of others, her honesty seduces and her sense of observation and logic make her a good advisor.

Virgo Ascendant Virgo

Virgo Ascendant Virgo  does not let her emotions guide her. Rational to her fingertips, her lack of spontaneity makes her need for control a reality. Always suspicious, she only gives herself up personally with parsimony. Her exaggerated prudence makes her find it difficult to relate to others.

Virgo Ascendant Libra

She is a quiet diplomat. She knows how to reconcile her interests with those of others. She enjoys being appreciated by those around her and often adapts to her circle of friends. Her transparency and simplicity make Virgo ascendant Libra  an easy-going person who expresses her feelings with finesse.

Virgo Ascendant Scorpio

The Virgo ascendant Scorpio is instinctive. His sense of observation and his intuition allow him to judge situations in order to take the best solution naturally. She manages to hide a great passionate force behind thoughtful speeches, but she also has easy criticism.

Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius

He is a complex personality who does not show his true designs. Appearing serene and positive, Virgo ascendant Sagittarius seems to appreciate the comforts of a stable situation and a balanced life. But she appreciates adventure and change just as much through her taste for independence.

Virgo Ascendant Capricorn

She is persistent. His taste for effort and work is supported by his great patience and unwavering determination. Preferring the stability and comfort of a home, the Virgo ascendant Capricorn lacks spontaneity and has difficulty adapting to changes, but her practicality makes her a person to be counted on.

Virgo Ascendant Aquarius

She is original: her way of thinking is always rational, but occasionally shows a touch of fantasy. Creative, she reinvents codes to better appropriate them and apply them. Emotionally, the Virgo ascendant Aquarius  always oscillates between reason and feeling without being able to make a choice.

Virgo Ascendant Pisces

The ascending Virgin Pisces is sensitive. Her rationality often gives way to her emotions and she sometimes shows exacerbated feelings despite her natural reserve. Altruistic and generous, she likes to take care of others and feel useful. Her lack of confidence in her gives her the need to be reassured.

Forecasts for the sign VIRGO:

Virgin compatibility

Which sign gets along best with the natives of Virgo, and knows how to penetrate their discretion very gently? Find out with which zodiac signs Virgo shares her universe and her relationship.


Virgo woman and Aries man

When they meet, Mrs. Virgo will be fascinated by the vitality and boldness of Mr. Aries. But she finds it too superficial. He won’t be able to give her the security she needs. For his part, Mr. Bélier would like to go on an Adventure, which is not compatible with Mrs. Virgo, who takes pleasure in the universe she has built for herself. The only obvious conclusion is: incompatibility.

Virgo woman and Taurus man

Mrs. Virgo and Mr. Taurus will be able to ally in the long term. Madame’s intelligence and tranquility are character traits dear to Monsieur. At his side, he will know how to give the best of himself. By proposing marriage to her, Mr. Taurus will satisfy Mrs. Virgo who loves stability. Their great complicity will allow them to understand and appreciate each other.

Virgo woman and Gemini man

Mrs. Virgo will help Mr. Gemini to get to the end of things. She appreciates the energy and alertness of this one, who finds her comforting although a little too picky. In the long run, these signs of Mercury will have difficulty communicating. Mistrust !

Virgo woman and Cancer man

With his gentleness and his attention, Mr. Cancer will give Mrs. Virgo everything she needs to flourish. And even if there are days that are more difficult than others, signing a lifetime contract will make her the happiest woman. Perfect mistress of the house, she will know how to give him the home he has always dreamed of.

Virgo woman and Leo man

Mrs. Virgo is not dazzled by the pageantry that Mr. Lion, expansive, knows so well how to deploy. More authentic, secretive and prudent, she will still be able to appreciate her strength of character and her spirit. It must be admitted, however, their union may not last long.

Virgo woman and Virgo man

Endowed with a great analytical mind, Madam and Mister Virgo, will develop together, their critical capacities, uniting only if they are convinced to have found a soul mate. Perfectionists, they should find, in their counterpart, the sought-after partner. Their marriage will give them the security they need so much.

Virgo woman and Libra man

Mr. Balance is scattered, he wants to please Mrs. Virgo, she is discreet, a little withdrawn. With a little fantasy, for Madame and discipline for Monsieur, their relationship can have a chance.

Virgo woman and Scorpio man

Mr. Scorpio , warm, sensual and possessive, will make Mrs. Virgo happy. He will know how to take her under his control and reassure her. At her side, Mrs. Virgo will be able to flourish, developing her sensuality and positivity. However, she must be careful not to let herself be devoured by her partner, losing all autonomy and self-confidence at the same time.

Virgo woman and Sagittarius man

Mme Virgo is a little fearful, she likes to be reassured and to feel safe. Mr. Sagittarius is ambitious, he wants more, he wants better and likes to plan on high. He will have a hard time listening to Mrs. Virgo, who may have the impression of being left out, of being too much.

Virgo woman and Capricorn man

Mr. Capricorn discovers in Mrs. Virgo the woman who will be able to assist him, to support him. It will be able to take center stage and be completely fulfilled. In an environment that suits her perfectly, Madame Virgo will not fail to support her partner. Let’s not forget to point out that they will be exceptional sexual partners.

Virgo woman and Aquarius man

Mrs. Virgo would like Mr. Aquarius to look at her a little more, to be more present and attentive. That’s a lot to ask of this man who dreams of a better life, adventure and surprise. By the reigning misunderstanding, it seems unreal to think that these two could spend more than a few days together.

Virgo woman and Pisces man

Mr. Poisson, tender and gentle, does not have a strong enough nature to dominate Mrs. Virgo. But Madame will try to understand him, sometimes reminding him of the harsh realities of life. Their union will therefore be based above all on listening and understanding; a complementarity, sometimes very pleasant!


Virgo man and Aries woman

Ms. Bélier loves Adventure, she wants to live fully, following her instincts, with a touch of carelessness. Mr. Virgo needs security. Life seems a vast subject of concern to him and he takes pleasure in a certain routine which reassures him. The union of Mars and Mercury, which are quite opposed, can only be ephemeral.

Virgo man and Taurus woman

Ms. Taurus and Mr. Virgo both have Earth signs and therefore get along very well on all things material things. Mme Taureau represents, for Monsieur, femininity and sensuality. His tranquility reassures him. She supports him and pushes him to follow through with his projects. For his part, Mr. Virgo is the lover who will give him the opportunity to blossom.

Virgo man and Gemini woman

Mr. Virgo, very calm, sees in Mrs. Gémeaux, a woman who can bring cheerfulness to his daily life. They will be able to share and develop their knowledge, but lack of understanding makes their relationships delicate. They come from different worlds and their concerns are very different. It would be amazing if Mrs Gemini and Mr Virgo got along in the long term.

Virgo man and Cancer woman

Ms. Cancer and Mr. Virgo are suspicious in love. And while Mr. Virgo may blame Ms. Cancer for her extreme sensitivity, he loves her gentleness and comfort. Mrs. Cancer, trusts him and knows that she can count on him. Thus assured, she will show herself responsible and ready to found the family she so desires. Together, they will form a happy home.

Virgo man and Leo woman

Mrs. Lion is happy to show up alongside such a man. But for her, it is not demonstrative enough. These signs of affection do not let him know how important and perfect she is to him. Their union will be a real obstacle course.

Virgo man and Virgo woman

Endowed with a great analytical mind, Madam and Mister Virgo, will develop together, their critical capacities, uniting only if they are convinced to have found a soul mate. Perfectionists, they should find, in their counterpart, the sought-after partner. Their marriage will give them the security they need so much.

Virgo man and Libra woman

Ms. Balance would like to savor life without being worried. With Mr. Virgo, she finds it sad, a little restrictive. In the more or less long term, their connection risks becoming conflictual; Mr. Virgo not finding Mrs. Balance realistic enough.

Virgo man and Scorpio woman

Mrs. Scorpio, delicate and protective, regrets the calm and mistrust shown by Mr. They will be able to come to an understanding if they do not stop at the impression of being too different. Thus, after some efforts, their union will be able to last if, in the calm, each one knows how to keep his vital space.

Virgo man and Sagittarius woman

Only their love can unite them, and it will take a lot. They are totally opposed and their partner’s behavior bothers them. Mr. Virgo is calm, calm, thoughtful. Ms. Sagittarius is independent, full of life, and ambition. You have to run fast to catch up with her.

Virgo man and Capricorn woman

Their values ​​are identical and their sexual understanding is beyond doubt. Mrs. Capricorn will therefore find in Mr. Virgo the perfect partner, who will allow her to blossom. They often share their private and professional life. There is nothing to complain about, this is the perfect deal.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman

Mrs. Aquarius is not the understanding and reassuring woman that Mr. Virgo would like. She is distant and afraid of becoming attached. Their different Universes only generate incomprehension, making it impossible to imagine a lasting connection.

Virgo man and Pisces woman

The sensitive point of the relationship between Mme Poisson and M. Virgo is romanticism. While Ms. Poisson needs a number of affection, Mr. Virgo is a bit cold, and may even find it difficult to reassure her. With a little compassion, our two lovebirds can get along perfectly!

Forecasts for the sign VIRGO:

Virgo 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

The omnipresence of Jupiter in your sky will encourage you to revise your ambitions upwards. Tired of belonging to the second knives category, you will venture to dream of leading roles. The year 2021 will be the year in which you shine with your audacity and your lack of restraint. This time you will say everything, whatever the consequences. Brave and confident, you won’t be afraid of anything or anyone! The timorous Virgin is dead, long live the unbridled Virgin!

First quarter horoscope 2021

Placed under the auspices of House VI, you will approach 2021 with confidence and determination. Freed from your fears, you will hold out against your competitors and will know how to impose yourself as a formidable negotiator in front of your hierarchy. Endowed with a wise and thoughtful mind, you will be determined not to be fooled . Through weakness and timidity, you are too often quick to retreat. This will certainly not be the case at the start of 2021!

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

The earth sign that you are will sometimes lack a bit of fantasy. Your will not to displease and your concern for conciliation will earn you criticism from your loved one. We expect you to bubble up and throw yourself headlong into your romantic relationship! The energy of Mars will bring you more professional fulfillment . You will inherit a long-term project that will mobilize you entirely. It will give you the opportunity to prove your intellectual value but also your ability to lead a team.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

Your professional success will adorn you with a new power of seduction, especially if you are a native of the first decan . Pregnant in your astral environment, Mars will turn you into a tormentor of unrepentant hearts. Proud of your success, you will not resist the urge to look at others. Watch out for cranking back. Never forget that the zodiacal whims have the art of making and defeating kings… You may not be tomorrow in the eyes of others what you can claim to be today.

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

At the end of the year, you will be subject to questioning. It is not impossible that you have presumed your strength. You will struggle to take on the responsibilities incumbent on you and regret your former routine. The appearance of Saturn in your sky will slow you down in your ascent and leave you feeling unfinished . To give up would be a mistake, the astral conjuncture of 2022 foreshadows some nice surprises if you manage to regain the upper hand.

Love: what the year has in store for the sign Virgo

Well away from the Moon and Venus, this year you will be reluctant to commit. Devoted Virgin never far from self-sacrifice, in 2021 you will take the party for independence. You will formulate within yourself the wish to be something other than a being dedicated to “service” . A real change of course! You will want to play on an equal footing with your loved one, even if it means offending or confusing him a little. Single, your desire to thwart the expectations of your loved ones will push you to make choices that are contrary to reason. Definitely, you will not be easy to identify in 2021!

Love horoscope for Virgo: forecasts for 2021Native of the sign of Virgo, your feelings frighten you. The thought of losing control and letting go torments you so much that you often choose the avoidance strategy. Victim of a bloodstroke in 2020, you will seem in 2021 to regret a sudden and unexpected mood swirl. But what if all of this was for the best in the end?

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for Virgo

The succession of Mars and Jupiter in your astral horizon will have the effect of a tidal wave . Your past mistakes will infuriate you and you will bitterly regret having stagnated for so long. Suddenly inhabited by the demon of success, you will be demanding and even a little despotic. You will have to learn to self-censor yourself, otherwise you will run the risk of an Icarus-style destiny … Wanting to rise too high and too quickly, amounts to exposing yourself to the danger of a brutal and cruel fall …

Virgo’s labor horoscope: what’s new in 2021?Virgo, your sense of service and natural dedication often make you a loyal right-hand man. Behind the scenes is sweeter to you than the spotlight… 2021 will be a year of challenges and the opportunity to embark on a life-size role-playing game because this time… you will be in charge. It’s your turn !

Virgo money horoscope: what finances in 2021?Prudent and thrifty, the native of Virgo thrives in a structured living environment. The appearance of Jupiter in its sky will reserve some surprises for it in 2021. What motivate this sign that the fear of doing wrong tends to make you lazy … Endowed with a real business sense and unfailing patience, Virgo will surprise more than one this year. Great success awaits him!

The health of the sign Virgo this year

Is it because you are looking too closely at the skies that you are suffering from glare? Your determination to get everything will make you migraine, subject to “flashes of light”. You will have to take a minimum of precautions (wearing sunglasses, low light, rest) to avoid these disorders and limit your coffee consumption at all costs. Protected by House III, you can nevertheless rejoice in a good general state of health.

Family and friendly life of the Virgin in 2021

Away from House IV and House XI, respectively linked to family and friends, you will go through the year avoiding your loved ones as much as possible . The reason is simple: you will have an aversion to the image that others send you of yourself. You will feel hampered by the presuppositions hanging over you. You would like everyone to recognize your “new self”. Being around your loved ones will give you the impression of regressing. They will obviously not be ready to accept the changes in your personality. You will prefer to surround yourself with new friends.

Virgo forecasts for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Virgo Ascendant Virgo

Hard time focusing your attention on your partner. You will seem to be at a crossroads especially as autumn approaches. And you hate to hurt others, but it’s often a lesser evil. If you’re sure your feelings have died down, take notice.

Virgo Ascendant Taurus

Taken to the extreme, your mania will annoy your colleagues and friends. You’ll need to leave more room for improvisation and mess if you don’t want to be singled out. If your stapler isn’t exactly in the corner of your pencil holder, it’s not that bad, you see …

Virgo Ascendant Gemini

You will seem very sensitive to the judgment of a fire sign at the start of the year. To believe that everything you do will have no other goal than to dazzle him. Do you have revenge to take on a Sagittarius?

Virgo Ascendant Cancer

You might be reluctant to go in one direction so as not to arouse your family’s disapproval. This submissive attitude will only maintain the image of submission that others have of you. Impose your views, your ascendant will help you.

Virgo Ascendant Leo

By its ardor, your Leo ascendant will prevent you from showing clairvoyance. However, you will need to have a cool head at the end of the year because a water sign will seek to mystify you.

Virgo Ascendant Virgo

Your happiness will be a pleasure to see throughout the year. Solar, uninhibited, eager for experiences, you will embody the joy of living and moral elegance.

Virgo Ascendant Libra

You cannot imagine that other people can think differently from you. This character trait will earn you some admonitions from your loved one, with whom you might be in crisis at the beginning of spring.

Virgo Ascendant Scorpio

Beware of the proverb “Unhappy at play, happy in love”. You will be faced with the opposite case at the start of 2021. Your romantic setbacks will be offset by a foolproof baraka!

Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius

You will have easy criticism and difficult self-criticism in this year 2021! Your cookie-cutter judgments will attract the wrath of certain members of your family with whom you may remain at odds for a little while. But we will forgive you, we always give you everything!

Virgo Ascendant Capricorn

Lethargic and defeatist, you’ll make your friends want to shake you up a bit. The fear of failure will push you to do nothing until fall. Too bad ! You will waste precious time.

Virgo Ascendant Aquarius

Well in your head and in your body, you will be keen to redistribute some particles of happiness to others. For you prosperity rhymes above all with sharing.

Virgo Ascendant Pisces

Your Pisces ascendant will inspire you to explore new sides of yourself. You will manage to surprise yourself and even marvel yourself.