Capricorn Horoscope

All you need to know about this astrological sign

A sign that straddles the end and the beginning of the year, Capricorn is not necessarily changeable: on the contrary, its great strength is its tenacity and stability. His planet, Saturn, likes to give time to time. A Capricorn likes to think, build and deepen, so it is naturally that they are associated with the element Earth. Its stone, onyx, corresponds to its solidity, and to the color often cited for this sign: black.

What dates correspond to Capricorn?

These are the people born  between December 22 and January 19  who are under the sign of Capricorn. Or between January 20 and February 15, taking into account the appearance of the 13 th  zodiac sign, Ophiuchus.

What is the meaning of the sign Capricorn?

Capricorn refers to a goat or a billy goat . However, this goat is not ordinary because it is drawn with a body ending in a fish tail. This fantastic beast evokes two Greek legends: that of the god Pan, who had transformed into a goat to escape a monster and ended up plunging into the water in this form; or the goat Amalthée , who nursed Zeus when he was still suckling. The constellation Capricorn is located between Aquarius and Sagittarius; astronomy enthusiasts can spot it by drawing a line between the Big Dipper and Vega. This constellation has been known since the Babylonians, at least 3000 BC: it is among the oldest, if not the oldest, that we know among those of the Zodiac!

10 things to know about the sign Capricorn

Were you born under the sign of Capricorn? Or do you know someone close with this zodiacal influence? According to astrologers, Capricorn …  

  • do not let themselves be diverted from their goals
  • is able to deprive himself to achieve his goal
  • needs to know where he is going and with whom
  • is a hard fake
  • enjoy the solitude
  • fear mockery
  • sometimes prefers to be at work rather than on vacation
  • is an organization god
  • often has a toothache
  • invested early and in good investments

Main qualities of Capricorn: structured, tenacious and autonomous

Famous Capricorns: Kate Middleton, Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moss …

Top compatibility: Capricorn woman and Virgo man

What is the character of Capricorn?

Faithful to his earthly character and his horns, Capricorn is an earthly sign , solid, even a little stubborn . It needs concrete, organization, benchmarks! In return for this, he can go very far thanks to his great qualities of perseverance and his ability to coordinate and structure projects. Rather shy and lonely by nature, the native of Capricorn is rarely at the center of parties: his true friendships are rather rare, but they are very valuable to him and he will keep them for the rest of his life. His serious side can sometimes be a little surprising at the beginning of a romantic relationship, but if we manage to break the ice with him, he will then fully invest in his relationship…More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Capricorn

Of course, Capricorns need to find above all in their partners a sense of loyalty and commitment . So they are often in a relationship with Earth signs. The Capricorn woman, for example, will be fully happy with a native of Virgo who, like her, will place the home at the center of her concerns. A Taurus or Cancer spouse can also form a stable couple with her. For his part, the Capricorn man also falls for a Virgo woman, who understands him and supports him perfectly…More Here

Forecasts for the sign Capricorn :



Love and Dating

You are now ready to burn what you have adored … The charming faults which seduced you so much in the other tear you today from the faces of irritation. Worst of all, it’s not what the other person does that annoys you, it’s who they are. The influence of Mars makes you a mute despot. You torture the other by your silences, your gestures (you roll your eyes very often) and your sighs. Single, you seem pleasantly surprised by the freedom offered by virtual seduction.

Health and Fitness

Your zest for life and your natural tone will shine this week. The I house of your astral sky gives birth to positive energies in you. You will seem to be in harmony with yourself and also with those around you. On the other hand, don’t let anything mar your joy and your beaming smile. It would be too stupid! If you have an important decision to make, your instincts will guide you so you don’t go wrong. You will find the answers inside of you. Quite simply.

Work and Money

On the work side, the influence of the planet Neptune will sometimes give you the impression of navigating in troubled waters. You will not really know where to turn in a rather vague environment. Do not fall for promptitude. If you feel like you’re chasing time, think about your organization. You will put your finger on what is bottling your mind and find the rhythm. In terms of spending, curb certain compulsive purchases that make your eye out.

Family and friends

Last week, you doubted everything that had been said. Unfortunately, this infernal spiral persists and is confirmed over time. Instead of pondering on your own against windmills, we recommend that you avoid giving your detractors much to grind. Deprived of novelties, the last will no longer have the opportunity to spit out their venom. The conflict will therefore get bogged down and therefore fade over time. Thus eliminated, all the bad waves spread on your path will disappear in favor of the return of the Sun. Without fear and without reproach, you are ready to move on to face mountains.

Forecasts for the sign Capricorn :



Love and Dating

Stimulated by the good posture of the planet Jupiter in your sky, your love situation will be better! As a couple, you will be motivated by the desire to embellish your daily life and that of your spouse: you will have plenty of ideas to get rid of the routine. You will live la dolce vita. Single, you will be inventive and creative in your approach to seduction. Your charm will be highly appreciated. The meetings, whether or not they lead to a great story, will provide a shared enthusiasm.

Health and Fitness

You feel stressed or even oppressed by events or deadlines that are dangerously approaching and make you feel helpless. Your schedule puts you under psychological pressure that has a negative impact on your overall balance, especially when it comes to sleep and eating. Ascendants Virgo, let go! You cannot always master it, and you have to learn to accept it. You will thus gain in serenity and your rest will be even better.

Work and Money

Try to take a special interest in your finances, as well as the possibilities they can offer you. You like to invest to make your money grow as much as possible. And you want to increase your cash flow and you are looking for additional income. However, this week, the stars are not working in your favor. It would therefore be wiser not to blow everything up and to preserve your capital for the moment. A little patience, the stars will soon be more favorable to you.

Family and friends

The planet Mars will strengthen your whimsical character. Your family circle will pay the price in particular and will have to take you with a grain of salt. This changing mood will be temporary, however. By measuring your words and seeking balance, the situation will improve. If you have children, your authority might cause some frustration in your happy toddlers. Stand firm but don’t push the bans to the extreme. Put more trust in their obedience.

Forecasts for the sign Capricorn :

Capricorn character: an ambitious and perfectionist zodiac sign

Capricorn is a persevering, patient, serious, rigorous, perfectionist, clever personality with a great sense of duty, which helps him achieve his goal. He is also very ambitious while assuming his responsibilities.

Dignified, loyal and trustworthy, Capricorn enjoys the many pleasures of life. His great strength of character, his intuition and his sense of openness allow him to carry out social and civic missions. 

He also wants to do his best to succeed in his life as well as his relationship. In addition, he knows how to show those around him that he is important to him. In contrast,  Capricorns are conservative, homey and sometimes pessimistic . Change is not his thing because he lacks adaptability. Thus, he finds it difficult to explore new avenues.

The Capricorn woman: a leading, organized and determined woman

The Capricorn woman has a structured and very square mind, as  she likes rules, principles, hierarchy,  and clear things that help achieve goals. She is very hardworking, patient, loyal and persevering, which helps her satisfy her  great thirst for ambition . The latter can be explained by the importance she attributes to materialism, by her fear of missing out and by her need to profit without ever depriving herself. She is very intelligent, a perfectionist , and has eyes only for rigor, standards, precision and accuracy.

Sometimes she can adopt a judgmental and rigid attitude that puts her in a position of discomfort and poor communication with people who don’t think like her. On the other hand, the years which pass help him to become more flexible and to let things be done by themselves, without needing to intervene every time. But if the situation goes too far, she feels compelled to intervene, and only manages to breathe when order is restored.

The Capricorn woman in love: careful and demanding

The distrustful side of the Capricorn woman pushes her to always remain cautious in love , even if she is very much in love. Indeed, according to her, love is not just about feelings and romanticism; it is a matter that should not be taken lightly. She cannot live with stories without tomorrow, because she hides a lot of shyness and vulnerability. So,  to get into a relationship, she must feel a sense of protection and security  provided by the other. This need is so strong that if she is not sure to find it in a partner, she prefers to be alone.

As the bar is very high for her suitors, it may take her many years to find the one with whom she will feel good, her soul mate. On the other hand, once she grabs him, she only has eyes for her other half, and devotes all her feelings and all her emotional energy to the romantic relationship so that it is lasting, and this, without ever forgetting  the importance it attaches to loyalty .

In terms of love compatibility, you have to know how to respect your mistrust and your rhythm by showing honesty, loyalty and patience. Those who are most able to meet its needs are men of the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo as well as Pisces.

The Capricorn man: under his cold appearances, a great sensitive

Organization, clear and structured ideas are the words that most characterize the Capricorn man. Indeed, he knows perfectly well how to show discipline and perseverance in order to face concrete situations, but he is not the style to shoot high. Reserved, shy and discreet, he does not like to reveal himself  and say what he thinks. He can therefore appear distant and have a cold air.

But when he finds someone who manages to understand him and accepts him as he is, he hints at  his great sensitivity . It is in this way and thanks to the point of honor that he begins to be faithful that he creates bonds and weaves strong sincere friendships, even more so affinities … At the level of his defects, besides his great shyness , the Capricorn man is a stubborn, susceptible personality who can even use pettiness.

The Capricorn man in love: give him time and space

To be won over by a woman, the Capricorn man needs her to demonstrate humor, patience and honesty. He should not be rushed or taken to places he does not like, such as nightclubs. Indeed, the Capricorn man is not a fan of noisy and restless places. What he loves is feeling the wind in his hair. So, to seduce him, it is better to offer him an outing in the woods or, at the limit, to go for a coffee in a quiet and cozy place.

Under the thick shell that characterizes him, he hides a passionate and very sensual personality  that only asks to be expressed in privacy. He has trouble expressing his feelings, especially in society. In addition, he takes his time to find love, because he likes to do things well and not take situations lightly, so we must respect this so that he does not distance himself and does not see his grudge. to wake up.

When he has found his other half, he is very faithful in order to see a lasting and stable union grow . On the other hand, like everything that concerns his life, he sees love as a challenge that he must succeed in mastering. The Capricorn man has romantic affinities with the women of the signs of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio as well as Pisces.

The character of the sign Capricorn according to its ascendants

Capricorn ascending Aries

A fighter is what the ascendant Aries Capricorn is . With his goals, he does everything to get there, so be careful who dares get in his way! The Aries ascendant must also fight with himself to suppress his unreasonable impulses and urges.

Capricorn ascendant Taurus

Stability is the strong point of the Taurus ascendant. At the same time careful, enduring and balanced, he knows how to show composure and patience. Attached to the material aspects of his life, the ascendant Capricorn Taurus watches over his interests. Rigorous and hardworking while being a good living, he is able to anticipate events.

Gemini ascendant Capricorn

A true satyr! The Gemini ascendant Capricorn possesses a scathing humor that will not please everyone. Very good orator, a bit cynical, he is both feared for his harsh criticism and appreciated for his positions. His entourage, however, has a hard time understanding this complex personality.

Capricorn ascendant Cancer

With a dreamy character, the ascendant Cancer Capricorn nevertheless knows where the limits are: his concern for duty and his responsibilities calm his ardor. He is nonetheless a great emotional. This great tender knows how to hide his weaknesses at work. Rigorous and serious, he has a certain ambition and knows how to achieve his goals.

Capricorn Ascendant Leo

Charisma, the ascendant Capricorn Leo has more than enough! Ambitious and determined, he offers a natural authority. He is also persistent and rigorous. But beware, if the Leo ascendant gives the impression of not needing anyone, he does not like the loneliness that scares him.

Capricorn ascendant Virgo

With a patient and scrupulous character, the Ascendant Virgo likes to do things meticulously. It is through the success of his achievements that he will gain confidence. Rather discreet, he has his feet on the ground and is constantly responsible and serious. Those around him may blame him for a lack of spontaneity and generosity.

Capricorn ascendant Libra

A great seducer, the Libra ascendant offers a double advantage: a charming physique and a way of being that attracts others. Subtle, diplomatic, and outgoing, the ascendant Libra Capricorn is both ambitious and approachable with others. Persevering, he knows how to take advantage of all situations.

Ascendant Capricorn Scorpio

What an interesting character is the ascendant Capricorn Scorpio  ! Demanding and realistic, he hides great sensitivity and skin-deep emotions. The Scorpio ascendant fascinates others. His secretive and modest personality is probably one of the reasons. Ambitious, he leads his projects discreetly.

Ascendant Capricorn Sagittarius

Particularly contradictory, the alliance of Capricorn and Sagittarius gives a materialistic and ambitious personality mixed with a somewhat crazy enthusiasm. The Sagittarius ascending Capricorn is a good living that has a sense of mastery. He pleases others for his adventurous side, while being a reliable person.

Capricorn ascendant Capricorn

It is the shoulder on which others like to come and confide. The ascendant Capricorn Capricorn is a responsible and pragmatic being who knows what he wants and where he wants to go. Ambitious, he is a great worker. His strong and independent character makes him a bit lonely and removes all subtlety from him.

Capricorn ascendant Aquarius

The Aquarius ascendant offers a bit of a “mad dog” aspect. Facetious and original, he is interested in ideas that are different from each other in complete freedom. It is not, however, irresponsible. On the contrary, it has a certain rigor. This great humanist also knows how to show great tolerance. He can, on the other hand, change his life overnight.

Capricorn ascendant Pisces

At first cold and lonely, the ascending Capricorn Pisces is actually an artist at heart. If he escapes into an imaginary of his own, however, he is able to return, on his own, to earth. Highly sensitive, it can be overly vulnerable. Altruistic, he knows how to show great generosity.

Forecasts for the sign Capricorn :

Capricorn compatibility

Capricorn does not commit to chance: this sign thinks before letting go to the impulses of his heart! What signs of the zodiac are compatible with his need for stability and confidence? The answer with our expert astrologer.


Capricorn woman and Aries man

Mrs. Capricorn likes to see in Mr. Aries a man ready to take life to the fullest. She is a woman for whom wisdom and stability are important criteria! With patience and rigor, she will want to build for the long term. Yes, Mr. Aries manages to think a little more before going for it, their union to last.

Capricorn woman and Taurus man

Here we find the affinity of two Earth signs. Persistent, hardworking and ambitious, they like to work together. Satisfying their material needs, they will be perfectly able to develop a solid and lasting relationship.

Capricorn woman and Gemini man

Mrs. Capricorn and Mr. Gemeau are very different in nature but understand each other very well. Monsieur is a jack-of-all-trades, constantly looking for stimulation. For her part, Madame is very patient and very persevering. She is very tolerant and will be able to give Mr. Gémeau his independence; remaining present when needed.

Capricorn woman and Cancer man

Mrs. Capricorn is thoughtful which gives her a little cold and distant side. She likes the traditional version of seduction, with presentations. Suspicious, she will however be able to accept the advances of Mr. Cancer who will offer her affection and attention. Madame and Monsieur can form a couple with their feet on the ground, reasoned and stable.

Capricorn woman and Leo man

Mrs. Capricorn and Mr. Lion’s reports are based on admiration. The aesthetics of Madame will please the eyes of Monsieur, who never tires of showing it off. In return, the consistency and success of Mr. Lion, fully satisfy the ego of Madame. Their relationship promises to shine.

Capricorn woman and Virgo man

Their values ​​are identical and their sexual understanding is beyond doubt. Mrs. Capricorn will therefore find in Mr. Virgo the perfect partner, who will allow her to blossom. They often share their private and professional life. There is nothing to complain about, this is the perfect deal.

Capricorn woman and Libra man

Mr. Libra has an overly frivolous, fickle side for Mrs. Capricorn, who has no intention of settling for this state of affairs. Madame is ambitious and lives a lot for “success”, tireless, she will not find time to contemplate the stars with her partner whom she will oust at the first prank.

Capricorn woman and Scorpio man

Mr. Scorpio’s magnetism is attractive to Mrs. Capricorn. He seems a little distant at first glance, but with her, he will discover that life can be beautiful and pleasant. They will be able to complement each other and discover how happy we can be.

Capricorn woman and Sagittarius man

Mr. Sagittarius’ altruism and zest for life don’t displease Mrs. Capricorn. But the latter would like her to externalize a little more and a smile to appear more often on her sweet face. For them to be successful, major changes will have to be made.

Capricorn woman and Capricorn man

Respectful of the qualities of his interlocutor, Mrs. and Mr. Capricorn will not form an accomplished couple. Their desire for success is not an end in itself! They need human warmth, attention and they would rather need a caring person who will know how to fill them.

Capricorn woman and Aquarius man

Air sign, Mr. Aquarius does not live the same reality as Mrs. Capricorn. And even if she can blame him for his indifference and lack of responsibility, their relationship can work. Mrs. Capricorn taking matters in hand. Wish them good luck !

Capricorn woman and Pisces man

Ms. Capricorn puts a point of honor on social fulfillment. And she pushes Mr. Poisson in that direction. He then tries to follow her but it is the misunderstanding that reigns between these two beings of Saturn and Neptune.


Capricorn man and Aries woman

Mr. Capricorn is very exacting of himself and of others. He likes to be in control and thinks that Ms. Bélier is far too independent, carefree. Madame, he reproaches his reasonable and calm sides. Mars and Saturn have little to say, here represent opposite signs, which will have difficulty finding common ground.

Capricorn man and Taurus woman

The association of Mrs. Taurus and Mr. Capricorn is fruitful. They are partners at work and at home! While Mr. Capricorn, full of ambitions, makes plans, Ms. Taureau is there to reassure and assist him. All that remains is to wish them good luck.

Capricorn man and Gemini woman

Worker, rather serious, Mr. Capricorn appreciates Mrs. Gémeau who brings him originality, joie de vivre. By her youthful spirit, she touched Monsieur, a little too mature. Their union results in a certain balance. Mrs. Gemini illuminates the Universe of Mr. Capricorn, who will always be there, will be able to reassure her.

Capricorn man and Cancer woman

In the Cancer Capricorn couple, Mrs. Cancer holds the rather candid and sensitive side, bringing cheerfulness to her partner who will assist her in making decisions and planning their everyday life. Together, they will develop a complementarity promising lasting and stable links.

Capricorn man and Leo woman

Mr. Capricorn’s social success piques Ms. Lion’s interest, but her overly serious side cannot satisfy her. She wants the best, the strongest and Mr. Capricorn can only give her stability and security. Certainly would be happy, but this image is not sufficiently attractive for Madame. Pity !

Capricorn man and Virgo woman

Mr. Capricorn discovers in Mrs. Virgo the woman who will be able to assist him, to support him. It will be able to take center stage and be completely fulfilled. In an environment that suits her perfectly, Mrs. Virgo will not fail to support her partner. Let’s not forget to point out that they will be exceptional sexual partners.

Capricorn man and Libra woman

Mr. Capricorn has difficulty putting up with the attitude of Mrs. Libra which flutters right to left. She, on the other hand, finds Mr. Capricorn a little down to earth. They can come to an understanding in the short term but you have to face reality, they are not really made to live together.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman

Ms. Scorpio may seem a little cold at first, but her feelings are often deep. Mr. Capricorn, sufficiently stable and serious, will know how to reassure her. In his company, she will be able to flourish and find the happiness that so many people seek.

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman

Ms. Sagittarius is expansive, she enjoys danger and adventure. Mr. Capricorn, he is not at all reassured by this attitude. She also thinks he’s a bit gloomy. If Monsieur manages to unbridle, their relationship can succeed.

Capricorn man and Capricorn woman

Respectful of the qualities of his interlocutor, Mrs. and Mr. Capricorn will not form an accomplished couple. Their desire for success is not an end in itself! They need human warmth, attention and they would rather need a caring person who will know how to fill them.

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman

Mr. Capricorn is too enthralled with social success. Mrs. Aquarius even considers that he does not take enough advantage of the pleasures of life; her, who is always right to left. Not here ! She cannot assist her partner.

Capricorn man and Pisces woman

Mr. Capricorn is reassuring. He knows how to comfort Mme Poisson, who gives him affection and romance. Mrs. Poisson may regret the extreme seriousness of Mr. Capricorn, but she meets in him a person who is complementary to her. Even if their union is not natural, nothing is lost.

Forecasts for the sign Capricorn :

Capricorn 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

True vigilante of the zodiac, in 2021 you will be a Robin Hood with a big heart, always ready to come to the aid of the widow and the orphan. No irregularity will escape you and you will not hesitate to intervene between two adversaries for the triumph of morals and ethics. Be careful not to become hostage to your overzealousness. Getting into the quarrels uninvited can get you into trouble.

First quarter horoscope 2021

In the lair of House IV, you will seem at the beginning of the year to be caught in a conflict of loyalty between those close to you. Whatever your intimate feeling, you must at all costs refrain from intervening or you will be accused of a form of favoritism. Your impartiality will be essential if you wish to safeguard family peace. Limit yourself to listening to each other’s complaints without ever taking sides. Resist pressure and don’t change course along the way .

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

Your kindness will sometimes make you lose sight of the fact that some people are moved by interest. Take advantage of the lights of Jupiter so that you don’t trust just anyone . Your righteousness honors you but it is unfortunately not universally shared. Do not be the naive who escapes a promotion because he did not suspect the pushiness of others … Try to find a balance between honesty and vigilance, because you will not get any virtue prize.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

Lit by the lights of the Sun, you will find in this summer period a way to make coincide your deep nature and your professional aspirations . Determined to do good around you, you may well embrace a new career. The associative commitment as well as the legal professions will attract you. The themes revolving around the redistribution of wealth, fair trade, humanitarian aid and reintegration are particularly close to your heart.

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

The concordance of the Moon and the 4th House in your astral landscape will make you an immensely generous being, finding your fulfillment in sharing and exchange. In perfect resonance with the Christmas spirit, you will be a link between the different members of the family, a unifier, concerned about the well-being of all.

Love: what the year holds for the native of Capricorn

Your love life will be placed under the sign of understanding and mutual respect. Carried by the good graces of Saturn, you will enjoy the warmth of a stable couple, launched on a sea of ​​oil . Nothing problematic, nothing exhilarating either … a loving friendship may eventually supplant the passion of the beginnings. Single, you will go out of your way to be introduced to friends of friends, endlessly asking for the services of matchmakers. These arranged encounters and “false coincidences” will not help you find love. Instead, let yourself be guided by chance!

  • Love horoscope for Capricorn: 2021 forecastsPersevering in his professional life as in his romantic relationships, Capricorn is one of those who never gives up. This stubborn hoofed earth sign gets ahead no matter what. In 2021, his tenacity will not exempt him from having to sometimes play the wise monkeys to preserve his marriage.

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for Capricorn

2021 should see the culmination of a project that you have been maturing for a long time . Under the auspices of House II, in analogy with the planet Venus, you will undoubtedly be able to complete the acquisition of real estate. Professionally, you will prefer to consolidate what you have learned rather than give in to the attraction of ease. The enticing proposals will not make you move an eyelash.

  • Capricorn’s work horoscope: what’s new in 2021?Petrified by doubts, Capricorns singularly lack self-confidence. For this reason, this earth sign often requires the approval of others. He seeks encouragement in the eyes of his fellows. More persevering and even competent than the other signs of the zodiac, he struggles to get his value recognized. In 2021, Capricorn will have to learn to free themselves from the judgment of others. This emancipation will be the key to his professional success.
  • Capricorn money horoscope: what finances in 2021?Methodical and conscientious, Capricorn is often a wise manager. It is also not rare to find it in the finance or banking professions. He is also obsessed with secrecy and does not really tolerate being poked into his business. In 2021, this meticulous earth sign will be showing interest in investing in stone. He will also be greedy for gain and little sharing!

The health of Capricorn this year

Thanks to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, you will be full of antioxidants. Your pretty complexion and your freshness will give you a youthful grace  ! Conscientious and invested, you will not count overtime and will prioritize your career. Beware of musculoskeletal disorders that could lie in wait for you. Choose an ergonomic workstation that ensures good posture. You could suffer from a slight weakness of the lower back.

Family and Friendship Life for Capricorns in 2021

While increasing your circle of friends through the intercession of Mercury, you will not neglect your lifelong friends. Understanding, devoted, considerate, you will be one of those whose affection will be disputed  ! Sooner or later you may have to learn to make some time for yourself. Continually flying to the aid of your loved ones tires you nervously. Conversely, a solitary activity such as swimming could help you “clear your mind” and regain your strength.

Capricorn forecast for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Capricorn ascending Aries

Bathed in the rays of the Sun, you will be visibly younger. Your light character will be your main charm asset during the year 2021. Fire signs, in particular Sagittarius and Aries, will be sensitive to your naturalness. Don’t change a thing, sophistication doesn’t suit you so well!

Capricorn ascendant Taurus

You will be too inclined to want to take on the responsibilities of the whole family. For your own good you should learn to be assisted. However, you seem to have a hard time trusting others.

Gemini ascendant Capricorn

Twirling and bubbling with ideas you will have a hard time asking yourself. Your ascendant will make you a particularly creative being in 2021. Make an effort to concentrate on a unique project, otherwise your beautiful inventiveness will be doomed to dispersion.

Capricorn ascendant Cancer

The year 2021 will be marked for you by an act of forgiveness. The presence of the 4th house in your astral environment suggests that you will finally hear the repentance of an ancient acquaintance. This good deed will give you relief and warm your heart.

Capricorn Ascendant Leo

Proven by the year 2020, you will approach 2021 with concern. The fear of running out will push you to watch your spending. Your frugal attitude will sometimes go beyond reason and some may reproach you for your avarice …

Capricorn ascendant Virgo

A beautiful meeting should occur in the summer under the aegis of Venus. Those around you will be able to warn you against a runaway a little too fast, but you will do as you wish. You will be right because this love story seems to extend over time.

Capricorn ascendant Libra

You will be rewarded for the efforts carried out at full speed throughout 2020. You who feared that you have acted in general indifference will finally see the crowning of a long term job. A conclusion that should teach you never to despair!

Ascendant Capricorn Scorpio

Your Scorpio ascendant will prompt you to be vigilant and restrained in expressing your feelings. Before getting into the declaring game, you would like to make sure that the other person’s feelings are reciprocated.

Ascendant Capricorn Sagittarius

Great apostle of freedom, you will surprise your partner by displaying all the external signs of possessiveness. Inspection of pockets, cell phone search, close monitoring of schedules, you will appear in a new light … which will displease.

Capricorn ascendant Capricorn

If your sense of organization is praised in your workplace, it can become problematic in the privacy. Your partner will make you understand that a little improvisation would allow him to dream …

Capricorn ascendant Aquarius

As a good sign of earth, you will spontaneously apply the proverb “One yours is better than two you will have”. Your Aquarius ascendant will however and rightly encourage you to take a professional risk.

Capricorn ascendant Pisces

In the shelter of House XII, you will be like Sleeping Beauty, gone for a very long sleep. Lazy and sleepy, you will spend the first trimester between your bed and the sofa!