Sagittarius Horoscope

Everything you need to know about this astrological sign

Last sign of autumn, between the end of November and the end of December, Sagittarius is not necessarily synonymous with depression: on the contrary, this part of the zodiac produces warm, daring and generally noticed personalities. Its precious stone is amethyst. Sign of fire obviously, Sagittarius is placed under the aegis of the planet Jupiter, master of the Gods and the stars.

What dates correspond to Sagittarius?

Were you born  between November 23 and December 21  ? You are therefore sailing under the auspices of the sign Sagittarius! Warning, if you look at the  Serpent – the 13 th  astrological sign  – we need you to be né.e between December 18 and January 19.

What is the meaning of the sign Sagittarius?

The word “sagittarius” means “archer” (from the Latin “sagitta”, arrow), hence the fact that this sign is represented with a figure carrying a bow and arrows. In ancient myths, Sagittarius is often equated with a Centaur , but others see it as a representation of Chiron , the guardian of the dead. Its constellation, already known by Ptolemy in ancient times, is located between Capricorn (to the east) and Ophiuchus (to the west). It is said that Sagittarius aims with its arc at the neighboring constellation Scorpio. 

10 things to know about the sign Sagittarius

Who knows close Sagittarius, or is a native of this sign itself, will undoubtedly recognize themselves in these clues: Sagittarius …  

  • is often lucky
  • does not hold in place
  • likes to attract attention
  • enjoy the pleasures of life
  • feels comfortable with all kinds of very different friends
  • love competition
  • can be condescending if he is not careful
  • loves seduction but will remain faithful once he has chosen his side
  • easily adapts
  • is interested in major philosophical and mystical questions

Main qualities of Sagittarius: optimistic, adventurous and epicurean

Famous Sagittarius: Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Jane Birkin …

Top compatibility: Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man

What is the character of Sagittarius?

Open-minded and with easy communication, Sagittarius is one of those signs that seems to be successful. Its master planet, Jupiter, is it not associated with the king of the ancient Gods? The natives of Sagittarius manage to make a happy synthesis between a healthy self-esteem and the fact of paying attention to others. They are naturally inclined towards the outside, they like discovery, travel, meeting people … The only flaw in their qualities, some, jealous of this natural charisma and optimism , may see arrogance in it. Sagittarius must therefore know from time to time to take a break and listen to others, so as not to tire those around him…More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Sagittarius

The positive character of Sagittarians makes them compatible with many signs, because they always seek to get the best out of each other and put the means to make their romantic relationships successful. Madame Sagittarius will however have a preference for Aquarius men, whose inventiveness and altruism she appreciates . For his part, the native of Sagittarius will agree ideally with a Libra woman: in their vision of life as in their intimacy, they are perfectly in phase…More Here

Forecasts for the sign Sagittarius :



Love and Dating

A native of the second decan, you are only interested in impregnable citadels. To believe that your motivations lie more in conquest than in the satisfaction of your desires. You are cerebral and you often prefer to sublimate your love rather than to live it. This week, you will rely a little too much on the responsiveness of the chosen one to your signals. Your discreet subtlety will once again go unnoticed. Perhaps you should adopt less convoluted methods …

Health and Fitness

This week will be marked by problems related to diet, with a certain tendency to gain weight. The ascendants of Sagittarius and Pisces will be particularly affected by this difficult passage. The pleasures of the table are not to be banished, on pain of falling into the opposite excess and falling even higher. Do not give up everything and give yourself a little treat during the week! Your goal should be to find the right balance, don’t play with your limits!

Work and Money

Thanks to Uranus’ sympathy, you will establish interesting and rewarding contacts. Decisive meetings that will bring a breath of fresh air to your professional relationships. Generally speaking, don’t aim for perfection in your daily work. Doing so could block your creativity and generate internal tension. Just trust yourself and your skills will shine on their own. Particularly if you are in the first decan.

Family and friends

You won’t have a lot of time for family life this week. Your outside occupations will make you less available. However, your absence should not tarnish your relationships with those close to you. However, do not neglect your commitments and be fully present during your reunion. The Taurus ascendants will have a particular effort to provide on this. If you can, plan an outing like a picnic or a movie in advance.

Forecasts for the sign Sagittarius :



Love and Dating

Clear improvement for your loves this week thanks to the aura of the Sun! The stars will drive away the gray clouds and bring beautiful clearings. As a couple, you will overcome conflicts and move forward, with more serenity and complicity. However, be careful not to break this pleasant atmosphere by evoking again the tensions of the past. Single, after a slump, your love life will be more radiant. You will have a few opportunities to meet interesting people.

Health and Fitness

Incredible but true, you will definitely be fishing for the next few days! This vitality and optimism will also be very communicative. So surf on this positive momentum to get back to sport, imagine new cooking recipes or reconnect with old friends. You will have energy to spare and no one will be able to stop you. Still try to master this frenzied Olympic form. You might burn out faster than you think.

Work and Money

This week, money is at the heart of your thoughts, especially for Virgo ascendants, which prevents you from being calm. You are afraid of being short, and that makes you very angry. You are thrifty and save, limit a little too much. However, thanks to your ability to intelligently manage your budget, your financial situation is doing quite well, even without being extraordinary. Don’t worry so much about the money. This is not the only criterion of happiness, take advantage of your other sources of joy!

Family and friends

Escape remains the freest feeling in the world, because it sheds the negative. Thanks to his magical character, he brings out of himself a strength that we never suspected. Now that you are ready to let go, cross the boundaries of your thinking. Yes, starting this week, you have no choice but to take action. For everything to be piloted remotely, you must absolutely carry out this sorting in your friendly entourage. We’re telling you that just to keep it from all over you. So, bounce to reach for the stars. You owe it to yourself.

Forecasts for the sign Sagittarius :

Sagittarius character: a cheerful and outgoing zodiac sign

Sign symbolizing sociability, Sagittarius is expansive in all areas of his life: in love, at work and in friendship, he is the astrological sign that does not suffer from any limit. Often talkative, but never boring, he has an almost visceral need to express himself. Moreover, his friends read him as in an open book …

Always ready to tell the crazy anecdotes of his life, the Sagittarius knows how to fascinate his audience, at the risk of sometimes passing for someone egocentric. Backpacker,  he thirsts for travel and exoticism , to the point of being able to let go of everything without looking back.

Difficulties in keeping ties can play tricks on him and jeopardize his relationships with others. Epicurean, Sagittarius enjoys life  to the point of defying the prohibitions: an extremism that can push him to take reckless risks, just to satisfy his pleasure.

The Sagittarius woman: an assertive and optimistic nature

Sincere, but never hurtful,  the Sagittarius woman is the ideal friend, always offering good advice  thanks to the objective look she brings to everything. Faithful in love as in friendship, she represents the perfect companion or friend. But be careful not to lose your confidence. Indeed,  the Sagittarius woman has a nagging grudge  if she is disappointed, she can withdraw her affection as quickly as she gave it.

Optimistic by nature, she tends to believe fundamentally in the goodness of human nature, at the risk of being constantly disappointed by her fellow human beings. However, this does not prevent him from placing his trust again and again in new people who cross his path. Always in a good mood, the Sagittarius woman knows how to communicate her enthusiasm to those around her and allows others to feel better after her visit. However, because of its assertive character, it is often resistant to any form of rules. She, for example, has trouble complying with demonstrations of authority and struggles to respect simple rules such as punctuality.

The Sagittarius woman in love: frankness and exclusivity

Thanks to her open mind, the Sagittarius woman does not suffer from any prejudice in her romantic relationships. Without a typical profile, she is not in search of particular characteristics in the other and thus casts a benevolent glance on her meetings. Sincere in her feelings, she expects total frankness from her partners . The Sagittarius woman gives herself 100% in a romantic relationship and in return wants to receive the same attention. Strong in her feelings, she dreads on the other hand personalities quick to hide their emotions.

One of his primary demands in love is transparency and the demonstration of feelings, even to excess. Otherwise, the breakup can be quick and resounding. In love with love, she is very happy as a couple, but will always prefer to be alone than in bad company . Extremely loyal in character, she expects the same exclusivity from her partner.

The Sagittarius woman will have to get closer to the natives or the ascendants of Gemini to know a perfect love agreement. Their lively and humorous side perfectly meets his expectations, concerning intellectual satisfaction. With Aries and Leo, the Sagittarius woman will discover equally enthusiastic and adventurous personalities: a perfect harmony that seems to suit this travel lover. On the other hand, she will have to flee from the signs of Pisces and Virgo, whose romanticism and inconstancy can quickly annoy her.

The Sagittarius man: a cheerful rebel

Much like the female of the same sign,  the Sagittarius man has a nature that is both upbeat and jovial , which makes him pleasant company. He is also very often surrounded by many friends, in whom he places a trust sometimes bordering on blindness. This characteristic is worth to him to be often betrayed by the latter. But beware of anyone rubbing shoulders with this false calm, which can alternately be gentle as a lamb, then bite like a rabid beast. Endowed with a volcanic character and a fierce intelligence, he can hurt as much with his fists as with his words.

Defying all forms of authority, he rarely complies with the basic rules of propriety. Punctuality, respect for a hierarchy or even being subject to the laws are not his strong point, despite this he remains a pleasant personality to live in and often appreciated by his partners. Positive and optimistic by nature, he delights those around him with his presence. Very concerned about his professional life, the Sagittarius man is a hard worker, often praised by his employers. His enterprising character makes him a born leader , always in search of creation and enhancement of his qualities.

The Sagittarius man in love: loyal but sometimes awkward

Complete in his feelings,  the Sagittarius man is a spontaneous lover, who can sometimes lack a touch of diplomacy  in his romantic relationships. Honest, he can appear to others as a bastard, even if he knows how to recognize his mistakes and be forgiven. Generous, the Sagittarius man gives himself entirely in his relationships and loves to cover the loved one with gifts always chosen with taste.

Even if he likes to please and to feel flattered in the eyes of the other, he is nevertheless not a Don Juan eager for conquests. Fidelity is one of his main qualities in love, he expects in return total trust  and the same righteousness from his lover. Allergic to dishonesty, he can immediately withdraw his love if his feelings are played with.

The natives of Leo, who are generally not cold-eyed, are perfect for the Sagittarius man. They jostle his mind and warm his senses with their character. A sign of fire, Sagittarius frees the natives of Scorpio in search of passionate and carnal relationships, which makes him an ideal lover in their eyes. To flee: the sign of Pisces, which lacks madness and tends to be too home-like, or Aquarius, who looks too pessimistic on life to dazzle him and make him dream.

The character of the sign Sagittarius according to its ascendants

Sagittarius ascending Aries

Physically and mentally energetic, such is the ascendant Sagittarius Aries . Ideas flow, challenges attract him and objectives are reached as quickly as possible. Be careful, however, to their “wisp” side: the Aries ascendant jumps from one goal to another, sometimes forgetting to follow. A little unstable, he likes adventure and discovery.

Sagittarius ascendant Taurus

The ascendant Taurus Scorpio has a tough character to say the least. He is certainly not a personality that will be easily influenced. With tenacity and stability, the Taurus ascendant puts everything in place to achieve his goals. Warm and fascinating, it has an attractive power.

Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini

The least that can be said is that the ascendant Sagittarius Gemini is popular with others. He is popular in particular thanks to his ability to adapt to everyone and everything, his sympathetic and voluntary side. A little opportunistic, however, he tends to hide his game. If he is able to multiply, he seems a little messy.

Sagittarius Ascendant Cancer

A little conservative, the ascendant Sagittarius Cancer loves traditions. Little adventurous, it is his imagination that allows him to travel. Empathetic, he is tolerant, indulgent and generous with others. The Cancer ascendant is motivated by his spontaneous wonders and his humanistic impulses.

Sagittarius ascending Leo

Determined, the Leo ascendant knows where he is going, what he wants, and doesn’t let himself be walked on. Confident and determined, he leads those around him. Because the ascendant Sagittarius Leo is a generous and loyal being. He knows how to show recognition and transmits his energy.

Sagittarius Ascendant Virgo

A great thinker, the Virgo ascendant dreams of giving more weight to his actions, but is limited by significant anxiety. However, this allows him to remain rational. The idealistic and generous Sagittarius is opposed to the more rational Virgo. This paradoxical combination complicates personal achievement.

Sagittarius ascendant Libra

The Sagittarius ascendant Libra is the dreamed daughter-in-law or son-in-law, well in every way, as they say. Diplomat, charming and conciliator, he does not like to cause problems. He is very careful with his image and what we can think of him. Faithful, the Libra ascendant likes to meet the expectations of those around him.

Sagittarius Ascendant Scorpio

Head of a mule, the ascendant Sagittarius Scorpio has a strong character. A bit provocative, he is however particularly lucid and always has good reasons to oppose. His strong personality makes him a person we adore or hate, without half measures. Attractive, it attracts thanks to its magnetism.

Sagittarius ascending Sagittarius

Without limits. The ascendant Sagittarius Sagittarius never stands still: they love to travel, discover and fulfill their desires. Idealistic and enthusiastic, however, he can tend to aim too high. His freedom, independence and generosity make him a popular person.

Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn

Both cautious and ambitious, the ascendant Sagittarius Capricorn is cautious to limit their enthusiasms, generosity, and big ideas. Thanks to a developed material concern, it frames its desires. Attached to traditions, the Capricorn ascendant is a hard worker who has a sense of duty.

Sagittarius ascending Aquarius

A great idealist, sometimes considered naive, the ascendant Sagittarius Aquarius has his head in the clouds. Sometimes a bit of a mad dog, he regularly comes up against the reality that he would like to forget. It nevertheless continues its momentum. It thus seems original, even marginal. A reformer, the Aquarian ascendant is above all in love with freedom.

Sagittarius ascending Pisces

Artist or bohemian, the ascendant Sagittarius Pisces is far from having his feet on the ground. Since he is an idealist and a dreamer, materialistic worries are not his thing. A little careless, he will not hesitate to shirk his commitments. Altruistic, he loves others but sometimes has trouble making his dreams come true.

Forecasts for the sign Sagittarius :

Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius needs to be given his independence and freedom of mind: his compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac will depend on this ability to accept the other as he is! But if he finds love, he will know how to be faithful and passionate.


Sagittarius woman and Aries man

Altruistic, strong independent, full of vitality, adventure lovers Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Aries have a multitude of points in common. In search of a certain social success, these Fire signs are ready to do anything to see life in pink.

Sagittarius woman and Taurus man

Their relationship should be based on respect for individual needs. While Ms. Sagittarius will be running right to left. Mr. Taurus can take the opportunity to satisfy his more sedentary desires. If they manage to meet each other, without arguing, they will be able to make their relationship fruitful.

Sagittarius woman and Gemini man

Whole, Mrs. Sagittarius thinks to see in Mr. Gemini, someone who corresponds to her. They have in common their taste for life, going out, traveling But this is not an end in itself. Madame is very emotional, prey to sudden changes of mood. Monsieur, for his part, is capable of unreasoning actions, rather unstable, dissatisfied. Thus, the illusion of their meeting does not last, quickly risking being cut short.

Sagittarius woman and Cancer man

Although they have many character traits between them, Mr. Cancer is the mate Ms. Sagittarius is looking for. He represents the father she desires for her children. When she charms him, she will do anything to keep him.

Sagittarius woman and Leo man

How to feel adored if your partner is not very demonstrative! Signs of Fire, they can live a real passion but for that, Mr. Leo, who loves proofs of love, whatever the form, will have to moderate his desires which are not the specialty of his partner! Be careful that the complicity of the first days does not turn into perpetual conflicts.

Sagittarius woman and Virgo man

Only their love can unite them, and it will take a lot. They are totally opposed and their partner’s behavior bothers them. Mr. Virgo is calm, calm, thoughtful. Ms. Sagittarius is independent, full of life, and ambition. You have to run fast to catch up with her.

Sagittarius woman and Libra man

Mr. Libra is inconstant, often indecisive Mrs. Sagittarius is attractive and full of life They have many points in common: their taste for life, adventure, love and even if their way of practicing is different, they can come to s ‘hear ! Mr. Balance must agree to follow his companion, “eyes closed”, in the adventure, where he can fulfill himself and fully appreciate what life offers him.

Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man

Ms. Sagittarius has undeniable qualities. She is globally oriented and wants to be socially successful. Mr. Scorpion knows it but can’t stand to see her walk away every time a new challenge arises. He would like to be at the center of all these concerns but has little chance of success. If he wants to keep it, he will have to take it upon himself.

Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man

Madame and Monsieur Sagittarius share the same tastes. Equal, they can face each other but nothing is impossible. If they manage to tune their violins, they will be able to share a pleasant life full of challenge and adventure.

Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man

Ms. Sagittarius is expansive, she enjoys danger and adventure. Mr. Capricorn, he is not at all reassured by this attitude. She also thinks he’s a bit gloomy. If Monsieur manages to unbridle, their relationship can succeed.

Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man

Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Aquarius are complementary. Mrs. Sagittarius, definitely positive, manages to convince Mr. Aquarius, even pushing him to fulfillment. Their way of life and their far from incompatible desires can allow them to have a peaceful life and passionate relationships.

Sagittarius woman and Pisces man

Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Pisces will have a hard time understanding each other. While Monsieur laments the impertinence of his partner, Madame complains of his softness. Behind certain appearances, their relationship may be based on a matter of sex!


Sagittarius man and Aries woman

Ms. Aries and Mr. Sagittarius both have a taste for adventure and action. While Madame brings mirth to her partner. She finds in him an altruist who knows how to stand up to him. So here is a couple ready to travel around the world. Their union does not lack interest!

Sagittarius man and Taurus woman

Sign of Venus and Jupiter, Mrs. Taurus and Mr. Sagittarius share the same taste for life. But the autonomy and impulsiveness of Monsieur go against the character of Madame, who is very possessive, risks wanting to make him change. The cyclothymic side of Mr. Sagittarius will even end up seeming unbearable to him! It is not said that Mrs. Taurus and Mr. Sagittarius get to get along

Sagittarius man and Gemini woman

Ms. Gemini and Mr. Sagittarius have common tastes but their ways of practicing are different. Together, they will be able to pack their bags for a trip around the world, but on their return Strong independent and in search of a certain social success, they can try to understand each other but may not have the expected result!

Sagittarius man and Cancer woman

By her feminine and maternal side Madame, will know how to seduce her partner. But Mr. Sagittarius likes to move, grab his bag and go to the other side of the world, while Ms. Cancer prefers her interior, where she feels good. With a little good will they will be able to come to an understanding when the gentleman puts down his luggage.

Sagittarius man and Leo woman

Mr. Sagittarius’ altruism and fidelity are the admiration of Mrs. Lion, who displays vitality and delicacy leaving Mr. Sagittarius under the spell! The mutual admiration thus felt will unite them. Their association will be fruitful and we can only wish them happiness.

Sagittarius man and Virgo woman

Mme Virgo is a little fearful, she likes to be reassured and to feel safe. Mr. Sagittarius is ambitious, he wants more, he wants better and likes to plan on high. He will have a hard time listening to Mrs. Virgo, who may have the impression of being left out, of being too much.

Sagittarius man and Libra woman

Ms. Libra has an image that thrills Mr. Sagittarius. She seduces him, helps him see the bright side. It takes him out of his daily routine and his seriousness. But their understanding isn’t limited to a platonic romantic relationship. They will also be perfect partners in the privacy of their sheets. Conclusion: they can easily spend their life together.

Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman

Mr. Sagittarius needs freedom. Mrs. Scorpio is possessive but capable of many transformations to keep her partner. Their connection can be harmonious or cause a multitude of sparks.

Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman

Madame and Monsieur Sagittarius share the same tastes. Equal, they can face each other but nothing is impossible. If they manage to tune their violins, they will be able to share a pleasant life full of challenge and adventure.

Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman

Mr. Sagittarius’ altruism and zest for life don’t displease Mrs. Capricorn. But the latter would like her to externalize a little more and a smile to appear more often on her sweet face. For them to be successful, major changes will have to be made.

Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman

The union of Mrs. Aquarius and Mr. Sagittarius has every chance of success. Mr. Sagittarius, concerned about his personal success, understands his partner’s need for independence and doesn’t suffocate her. They have the same desire to devour life to the fullest and will complete many projects together.

Sagittarius man and Pisces woman

Character incompatibility! There should be no bursts but rather tears. Ms. Poisson will be disarmed by the attitude of her partner, who is outspoken. It is unlikely that these two will succeed in their union.

Forecasts for the sign Sagittarius :

Sagittarius 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

Half man, half horse, Sagittarius will give full priority in 2021 to the animal dimension of his being. Abandoning spiritual concerns in favor of a frantic quest for pleasures, Sagittarius will turn their back on their ideal for immediate satisfaction. Gluttonous, fickle, entertaining, this fiery fiery sign will enjoy life without pulling any plans on the comet. Disenchanted but laughing, he will prove to be a good comrade and brighten up the daily life of those around him … provided that no one suggests that he take charge of himself!

First quarter horoscope 2021

Under House V, you will appear in your workplace as a distracted and messy mind. You will find it difficult to concentrate on your daily tasks and, conversely, will show a lot of interest in new assignments and projects. Your appetite for diversification will lead you to some dispersion . In a perfect world, you would change jobs every day! You also have a special talent for learning. Sociable and friendly, you know how to navigate perfectly in different worlds.

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

Carried by the energy of the Sun, you will dominate your yard with a sure air. Your detachment and nonchalance will attract the anxious water signs . Thanks to your ability to play down the most critical situations, you will make yourself indispensable in the event of a crisis. “Nothing serious” could be your motto. Events will slide over you without ever really reaching you. On the other side of the coin, this ability to abstract yourself from the annoyances of existence will in certain circumstances make you seem cold, if not indifferent.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

Enchanted by the vibrations of Venus, you will be about to succumb to the childish grace of an air sign . The beginnings of this passion will nevertheless be thwarted by your taste for freedom. Worried about losing your independence, you will prefer to flee and return to your relationships without a future. Superficiality scares you less than intimacy, and you are naturally inclined to go for the easiest solutions.

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

Your frenzy of worldliness will tend to run out of steam at the dawn of 2022. The strong presence of Uranus in your astral conjuncture will lead you to new aspirations . Tired of city life and perpetual bustle, you will acquire the conviction that your destiny is played out elsewhere, between green meadows, rolling forests and ponds full of fish. You will dream of morning walks surrounded by a swarm of goats, sheep, sheep, rabbits … Will you find the courage to give shape to your baba-cool chimera?

Love: what the year holds for Sagittarius

Under the yoke of Saturn, you will feel the need to compartmentalize your worlds. For example, you will refuse to mix spouse and friends, friends and colleagues, family and spouse . This way of acting may offend the sensitivity of the loved one, effectively excluded from part of your activities. Your propensity for lies and concealment will force you to juggle between your different circles. Beware of nervous exhaustion and chance encounters! Single, you will become an ace of “ghosting”, in other words a champion of breaking up without explanation …

Love horoscope for Sagittarius: the 2021 forecastsProsaic and celestial, individualistic and generous, Sagittarius is a model of contradictions. After a sentimentally agitated year 2020, 2021 will see this fire sign remain true to itself, that is to say unstable …

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for the native of Sagittarius

Recreational, diplomatic and eloquent, you will be an essential cohesion cog in your workplace. In analogy with the sign of Gemini, the planet Mercury will endow you with great qualities of communicator . Your team spirit may lead you to put your own ambitions under cover. Competition usually inspires you nothing but contempt. You tend to believe that in unity is strength, which can only be true to a certain extent. Your idealism sometimes makes you vulnerable to betrayal.

  • Work horoscope for Sagittarius: what’s new in 2021?Hungry for discovery and knowledge, Sagittarius is known to quickly tire of his job – when he finds one … In 2021, this fiery sign allergic to authority will be put to the test. A year of testing during which he stood out for his good will, sparing no efforts to achieve his ends.
  • Sagittarius money horoscope: what finances in 2021?Keep to a schedule, anticipate hard knocks, feed a booklet A? So many hermetic recommendations for the unfortunate Sagittarius, quite simply unable to predict. For this sign of fire trapped in the present, there is no point in shooting the sky. In 2021, his improvidence will nevertheless have the virtue of making him adaptable and able to surf the unknown.

The health of Sagittarius in 2021

Driven by the mad energy of Mars, you will lead the life of a patachon, at least until spring! Your body will feel the effects of a disorganized existence mixing sleepless nights and excess. Fatigue, hypoglycemia, failing memory, you will quickly be overtaken by your behavior, often in spite of common sense. Peter Pan Syndrome is inseparable from your facetious personality . You should however hear the voice of reason: cure of magnesium, omega 3, almonds, nuts, seeds and yogurts would do you the greatest good. 

Family and Friendship Life for Sagittarians in 2021

Jupiter in Aquarius, may on certain occasions place you in the eye of the cyclone… A colorful character, free and even libertarian, you will attract gossip . Out of jealousy or worry, your friends will severely judge some of your actions, even though they are quite innocent. Your carelessness will sometimes be misinterpreted.

Sagittarius forecast for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Sagittarius ascending Aries

Clement with you during the first semester, the stars will sulk you a little as autumn arrives. You will go through a phase of doubt during which you will test the reliability of those around you.

Sagittarius ascendant Taurus

The influence of House II linked to possessions will lead you to always want more. Never satisfied with material goods, you will wilt at the beginning of the year in a superficial existence where value will be measured by achievements. The arrival of summer will appease you.

Sagittarius Ascendant Gemini

Reinvigorated by Jupiter’s energizing rays, you will be in Olympic form in 2021. Your good looks will make you very attractive! 
Sagittarius Ascendant Cancer

Your inordinate pride will serve you on many occasions and make you miss opportunities. Working on this little personality quirk would surely pay off.

Sagittarius ascending Leo

Your inclination to backbit will plunge you into the throes of guilt. Shame and regret will be some of the feelings that will reside in you as spring approaches. So stop criticizing your neighbor and everything will be better!

Sagittarius Ascendant Virgo

You will be in good school this year to deepen your knowledge of languages. The strong presence of House IX in your sky suggests that you will have to travel often.

Sagittarius ascendant Libra

You will purr with ease all year round. Perfectly satisfied with your routine, you will not go looking for noon to 2 pm and will enjoy the moments of happiness that dot your daily life.

Sagittarius Ascendant Scorpio

Caution will be required more specifically in your relationship with Scorpios. For once, your finances will flourish!

Sagittarius ascending Sagittarius

The Moon will make you subject to melancholy. You will regret in your moments of solitude the time before and perhaps try to hang up the cars with old acquaintances.

Sagittarius ascendant Capricorn

Channeling your strengths will be essential if you want to carry out your projects. You will have to learn discipline. Playing a sport could help you.

Sagittarius ascending Aquarius

Under the yoke of House I you will find it difficult to reconcile your intimate personality and your apparent personality. What others see of you is not who you really are …

Sagittarius ascending Pisces

“Run for your life !” will be your motto. To avoid conflicts, you will take the tangent to the first difficulty. Little courageous, but effective!