Scorpio Horoscope

All you need to know about this astrological sign

Born in the middle of autumn, Scorpios are whole beings, passionate, sometimes even difficult to live with. Their planet, depending on the interpretation, can be Mars or Pluto. Its precious stone is garnet, whose dark red corresponds well to the deep and wild character of this sign. Associated with the element of water (even if there too, some astrologers diverge by attributing it more to Fire), Scorpio can be secret and difficult to decipher.

What dates correspond to Scorpio?

To claim the Scorpio sign, you must be born  between October 23 and November 22 . Or between November 23 and November 28, when you consider the shift implied by the  13 th  zodiac sign, Ophiuchus .

What is the meaning of the sign Scorpio?

The constellation Scorpio is located in the Southern Hemisphere, framed between Ophiuchus (to the east) and the constellation of Libra (to the west). Its dominant star is Antares , very bright. The name of this constellation of course refers to the desert animal with its curved tail full of venom. There are several ancient myths surrounding the Scorpio. Some associate him with the hunter Orion , the Scorpion would have been sent to kill him either at the request of the goddess of the hunt Artemis, or that of Apollo. Others suggest that it is the scorpion mentioned in the myth of Perseus.

10 things to know about the sign Scorpio

If you know a native of the sign of Scorpio, or if it is your own zodiac sign, you will undoubtedly have noticed that a real Scorpio …  

  • is proud and proud
  • is good at politics
  • takes a long time to trust friends, but then becomes very loyal to them
  • shines with unexpected and creative ideas
  • knows how to show courage … even temerity sometimes
  • needs recognition to be happy
  • likes to challenge the forbidden
  • has a little tendency to jealousy
  • is quick and efficient in what he undertakes
  • knows how to keep a secret

Main qualities of Scorpio: charismatic, mysterious and suspicious

Famous Scorpios: Ryan Gosling, Sophie Marceau, Scarlett Johansson …

Top compatibility: Scorpio woman and Pisces man

What is the character of the sign Scorpio?

Watch out for Scorpio: if you play tricks on it, its sting is formidable … but if you know how to tame it, you will see it shine as much as its constellation, which lights up the nights of the Southern Hemisphere. Male or female, Scorpio has a strong character, but often reserved  : he only reveals it to those to whom he has placed his trust, which can take a long time. This reserve does not mean concealment: on the contrary, Scorpio is an entire sign, sometimes even harsh, but who has very anchored values ​​of loyalty and frankness. His commitment, his daring and his charisma make him a natural leader…More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Scorpio

Scorpios appreciate water signs, and get along well with secret characters like theirs . Thus the native of Scorpio forms a successful couple with a Pisces, whose gentleness and restraint she appreciates. The Scorpio man, he will be in heaven with a Cancer woman, whose delicacy will charm him…More Here



Love and Dating

You are a colossus with feet of clay. Your apparent strength conceals a soul flayed alive. Every remark makes you suffer, the most innocuous observation can twist your heart. Under the influence of Pluto, you almost revel in your misfortune and take unspeakable pleasure in harming yourself, provoking the other and waiting for his scratches. Single, you keep bragging about yourself and sometimes go so far as to invent feats for yourself. Don Quixote, do you know?

Health and Fitness

You indulge in a bit of a sedentary lifestyle and that is not good for your morale. It’s time to make changes in your pace and get back to something healthier – you’ll see the benefits faster than you think. If you’ve already started: congratulations! Hang in there and don’t give up at the first discouragement, you will gain both morally and physically. With a fighting spirit, we can achieve anything and today “we” are you!

Work and Money

The unusual appearance of Saturn could cause an unexpected event. Especially for natives of the second decan. This will seriously hurt your finances in one way or another. It could be an entry of money such as an inheritance or a professional gratuity. Conversely, a loss at a gambling game or a large refund could result in a large and sudden loss. So be attentive and vigilant throughout the week so as not to be surprised.

Family and friends

Some family reunions are expected for some of you. These close events will allow you to spend time with your parents, brothers and sisters or even your grandparents, aunts, cousins ​​… Pleasant gatherings but a little too long for you. Your impatience could overshadow the flavor of these precious moments. Prefer generosity and sharing towards those who are dear. It is an opportunity to make up for lost time and to remake the world together.

Forecasts for the sign SCORPIO:



Love and Dating

Looking for a beautiful love story, you want to meet new people and play the game of seduction. And that’s good, this week you will have the blessing of the planet Venus! Flirtation or beautiful romantic story: you are not looking for anything specific, so you will let yourself be guided by your heart. Living as a couple, you will also benefit from the influence of Venus. Wonderful moments full of love will be on the program! It will be the perfect osmosis with your spouse.

Health and Fitness

You will be sunny and fulfilled this week. Your self-confidence will be boosted and you will show yourself ready to overcome any obstacle. You will be up to many challenges. It is a good time to go on a trek in an unknown country or to embark on a hike in the mountains. Always higher, it is your motto of the moment! No matter your next sporting trip, plan something to invigorate you and schedule downtime to recover.

Work and Money

From the point of your professional career, for the first decans in particular, you feel a need for independence and freedom. You no longer want to depend on others and on the rules that are imposed on you. For unemployed people: you are tired of chasing a job that never comes. You think about standing on your own, being your own boss. With the support of the planet Uranus, this week would be the perfect time to realize this dream project.

Family and friends

Last week, you doubted everything that had been said. Unfortunately, this infernal spiral persists and is confirmed over time. Instead of pondering on your own against windmills, we recommend that you avoid giving your detractors much to grind. Deprived of novelties, the last will no longer have the opportunity to spit out their venom. The conflict will therefore get bogged down and therefore fade over time. Thus eliminated, all the bad waves spread on your path will disappear in favor of the return of the Sun. Without fear and without reproach, you are ready to move on to face mountains.

Forecasts for the sign SCORPIO:

Scorpio character: A complex but powerful sign

Scorpio is placed under the sign of conflicts and fantasies. He therefore tends to overflow with passions and feelings. However, the Scorpio knows how to control his instincts. Loyal and direct, he is determined, generous, kind and a bit idealistic.

For the native of Scorpio, the causes that he considers to be right come before everything. Thus, Scorpio is capable of sacrifices or of forgetting himself for a matter of principle or to help someone.

With a strong personality, Scorpio doesn’t let himself be walked all over. Firm and courageous, he can appear skittish, even harsh. Nervous when feeling attacked by another,  Scorpio is also particularly jealous and suspicious . He is generally good at professions related to psychology, but can adapt to all fields.

The Scorpio woman: energetic and charismatic

Full of energy: this is the first description that we can give of the Scorpio woman. We can even evoke a hyperactive side. Lively and dynamic, she cannot stay still and cannot stand laziness . This energy can sometimes annoy those around him. But that’s not what will make the Scorpio woman question herself. With her, the rule is simple: you follow it, or not, but that’s not your problem. Charismatic, she knows how to impose her will. At work, she also benefits from a persuasive force that impresses.

And if by any chance she doesn’t get what she wants, the Scorpio woman can hold a grudge. She sometimes has trouble controlling her feelings or emotions , but she always manages to get up in difficult situations. As a defense system, the Scorpio woman tends to have disproportionate reactions or to veil in a visible indifference towards others. With those around her, she is generous, but expects to receive in the same way.

The Scorpio woman in love: difficult to achieve serenity

It is with her charisma and her self-confidence that the Scorpio woman seduces. But once the fish are in their nets, life is not always rosy. The Scorpio woman tends to live in tormented relationships turning into a balance of power . All this because she does not like the compromises necessary for a healthy and balanced relationship. Particularly proud, the Scorpio woman very rarely gives in, which quickly complicates her stories.

  • Scorpio compatibilitySensual and mysterious, the native of Scorpio is attractive, but not necessarily easy to tune in over time with the other signs of the Zodiac … So who can convince her not to bite?

In love, she idealizes her other half so much that she can fall from a height and be disappointed. However, it should be noted that she is evolving and learning from her past relationships. She can thus learn to control her emotions a little better and, therefore, find solutions to the problems she encounters within her relationship. Honest and sincere, she can then live a more serene love affair .

Be careful, however, about romantic compatibilities, because the sparks are never far away with the Scorpio woman. With an Aries, the relationship promises to be tumultuous, for example. A love affair with a Gemini can be downright destructive in the long run. Indeed, when the Scorpio woman seeks the sincerity of her partner, he will wonder if he can find better elsewhere. Conversely, a couple Madame Scorpio and Monsieur Cancer promises to be prosperous and rich in sexual adventures. As for Capricorn, he can reassure the Scorpio woman with his seriousness and stability. It will thus be able to flourish without worry.

The Scorpio man: he knows how to push his limits

The Scorpio man pays attention to his image. What others think of him is important. He is constantly seeking approval and recognition . He wants to be loved for who he is and for what he does. With others, he will never be hypocritical, even if it means hurting by saying what he thinks. The Scorpio man does not force himself and is always sincere with those close to him. Ambitious, he has a tendency to defy the prohibitions and to test the limits .

He is also not afraid of danger. Child, he is a real daredevil. As an adult, he becomes more reasonable, but keeps this hate of limits. However, he knows how to sacrifice himself to obtain something or for a passion. Hardworking, the Scorpio man knows what he wants and never stays inactive for long. Often on edge, he cannot take it upon himself and can be very resentful if he does not get what he wants. He gets upset easily.

The Scorpio man in love: tormented but generous

Mr. Scorpio can be very difficult to seduce . Indeed, he has many criteria to choose his half. His wife must be brilliant and admired by others. For him, the physical is particularly important: his partner must make others dream, must impress those around him and himself. Being skittish by nature, he needs an optimistic and emotionally stable woman.

Once in love, the Scorpio man will not hesitate to commit. Marriage does not scare him and he will know how to be straight, sincere and particularly attentive. He can also be a little possessive, jealous . Indeed, his half is, for him, the most admirable person in the world and he refuses to have her “stolen”. If he tends to seduce other women, it won’t go any further. He does indeed like to shine in the eyes of women, but he will never go to the end, he does not need it. Generous and honest, he is not always easy going and his partner will have to learn to tame his strong character.

When it comes to love compatibility, the Scorpio man gets along well with a Taurus woman because he knows he can count on her. He also appreciates the depth of the Cancer woman and the delicacy of the Libra woman. The Scorpio woman attracts him, but the anxieties of two Scorpios accumulate … Conversely, the Scorpio man fears the haste and recklessness of the Aries woman.

The character of the sign Scorpio according to its ascendants

Ascendant Scorpio Aries

Impulsive and passionate, the ascendant Aries obeys his desires in a rush. However, he lacks the energy to make them last. He likes to go head-to-head on subjects that are close to his heart. And in this case, it is very difficult to get in the way of an Aries ascendant.

Ascendant Scorpio Taurus

The ascendant Taurus Scorpio has a tough character to say the least. He is certainly not a personality that will be easily influenced. With tenacity and stability, the Taurus ascendant puts everything in place to achieve his goals. Warm and fascinating, it has an attractive power.

Scorpio Ascendant Gemini

Open, sociable and curious in appearance, the Gemini ascendant seems to be turned towards others. He knows how to express his feelings, his feelings, while demonstrating a strong fighting spirit and tenacity. But under his air of a sympathetic person hides a fine psychologist. Clever, the Gemini ascendant can also be manipulative.

Ascendant Scorpio Cancer

Ascendant Scorpio Cancer has everything to be an artist or a big fan of Arts. He is indeed very sensitive. Often skinny, he is introverted and homely. He is usually a passionate person and a dreamy strand. Hard to pinpoint, Cancer’s ascendancy is whimsical and capricious. He tends to resurface each of the injuries that may have affected him.

Ascendant Scorpio Leo

Being whole, the ascendant Scorpio Leo does not take half measures. He lives in a total way, between passions, emotions and desires. Energetic and ambitious, the Leo ascendant has a certain ego and enjoys leading. Determined and strong-willed, he finds a certain pleasure in fighting and struggling to achieve his goals.

Ascendant Scorpio Virgo

Weighted and reasoned, the Virgo ascendant attenuates the aggressive and passionate character of Scorpio. Lucid, even a little too much, he tends to curb his desires. His lack of self-confidence also slows down his urges. An introvert, the Virgo ascendant can nevertheless surprise and be tough or manipulative.

Scorpio Ascendant Libra

Seductive, charming and charismatic, the ascendant Scorpio Libra has a good sense of contact. In public, he knows how to be diplomatic and to please. While easily fitting into a group, he always manages to stand out from the crowd. Skillful, the Libra ascendant knows how to get his message across and get what he wants. In love, however, he can be indecisive.

Ascendant Scorpio Scorpio

The Scorpio ascendant lives 100%. He indeed likes the intensity of the world. Passionate, tenacious, combative and lucid, he likes to stand out from the crowd. His need to exist gives him important resources that allow him to hold out in case of difficulties. Moderation is not his style: the Scorpio ascendant can seem aggressive or often on edge.

Ascendant Scorpio Sagittarius

Curious, the Sagittarius ascendant is attracted both by the riches of the world and by human nature. Greedy and open, he likes to learn and follow experiences. More optimistic than a Scorpio, he is tolerant and warm towards others. Idealist, the Sagittarius ascendant tends to think big: he likes large-scale actions carried out with care and precision.

Ascendant Scorpio Capricorn

A serious personality bordering on rigidity: the ascendant Scorpio Capricorn is an introvert with unequaled composure. Enigma for others, he may seem unfriendly. In reality, it is a great concern for protection that dominates in the Capricorn ascendant. In life, he relies on work and success. Conversely, adaptation and tact are not his strong point.

Ascending Scorpio Aquarius

What a complex personality! While Scorpio brings tenacity and calculation, Aquarius is facetious. The result of this curious mixture gives an original person, somewhat extroverted and particularly warm. The Aquarian ascendant values his freedom, even if it means imposing his way of seeing things.

Ascendant Scorpio Pisces

Emotions and feelings are there. The Pisces ascendant is incapable of hiding his sensitivity. Particularly intuitive, it adapts easily and in all circumstances. Whatever happens, the ascendant Scorpio Pisces finds its way back. Lover of life, he has the constant concern to satisfy those close to him.

Forecasts for the sign SCORPIO:

Scorpio compatibility

Sensual and mysterious, the native of Scorpio is attractive, but not necessarily easy to tune in over time with the other signs of the Zodiac … So who can convince her not to bite?


Scorpio woman and Aries man

Ms. Scorpion and Mr. Aries, always ready to get carried away, have a tumultuous relationship. They do not hesitate to compete, but also know how to appreciate each other. If Mr. Aries manages to prove his attachment and if they manage to get over their arguments, Mrs. Scorpion and Mr. Aries will be able to savor their union.

Scorpio woman and Taurus man

Voluptuous and mysterious, Mrs. Scorpion cannot leave Mr. Taurus indifferent. In addition, Mr. Taurus can provide Madame with the values ​​she needs thanks to his developed altruism. Together, they will form a proud and worthy couple. Mrs. Scorpion must be careful not to hurt him, however, sir, because there won’t be another chance.

Scorpio woman and Gemini man

Mr. Gemini knows how to flatter Mrs. Scorpion. He knows how to stir up her sensuality, but the game is not won. They are both rather negative and critical in nature and will only notice their differences! While Madame will seek sincerity in the feelings of her partner, Monsieur will like to seduce, wondering if he will be able to find better elsewhere. In the long run, the relationship may be destructive.

Scorpio woman and Cancer man

Mrs. Scorpio’s voluptuous nature captivates Mr. Cancer, who cannot resist her. For his part, Mr. Scorpio provides the calm and security that Mr. Cancer needs. Together, they will develop a prosperous union where sexuality will be the master of all words.

Scorpio woman and Leo man

Mr. Leo can find his chosen one in Mrs. Scorpio. Beautiful, sensual, she attracts attention and likes to show off by his side. Together, they will be able to satisfy their sexual appetite. Their meeting will take place under the sign of romanticism but they will have to make a number of compromises if they want their couple to shine.

Scorpio woman and Virgo man

Mrs. Scorpio, delicate and protective, regrets the calm and mistrust shown by Mr. They will be able to come to an understanding if they do not stop at the feeling of being too different. Thus, after some efforts, their union will be able to last if, in the calm, each one knows how to keep his vital space.

Scorpio woman and Libra man

Their sexuality unites them perfectly. They complement each other and make their partner happy. Only cloud in their sky: Ms. Scorpio is exclusive and does not support the pranks of Mr. Libra. It will therefore be necessary for Monsieur to make efforts to obtain peace in his marriage.

Scorpio woman and Scorpio man

The union of Madame and Monsieur Scorpio is an endless series of discords. They love each other and tear each other apart. Their respective possessiveness does not make their task easier. The only remark to be made: “we must hope that this does not last too long”!

Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man

Mr. Sagittarius needs freedom. Mrs. Scorpio is possessive but capable of many transformations to keep her partner. Their connection can be harmonious or cause a multitude of sparks.

Scorpio woman and Capricorn man

Ms. Scorpio may seem a little cold at first, but her feelings often run deep. Mr. Capricorn, sufficiently stable and serious, will know how to reassure her. In his company, she will be able to flourish and find the happiness that so many people seek.

Scorpio woman and Aquarius man

Mr. Aquarius is an indisputable thinker. These utopias dazzle Ms. Scorpion who would like to bring him back to earth. She would like to change it and see it more demonstrative. It should not be said that it is wasted effort but beware of disappointments !!!

Top compatibility

Scorpio woman and Pisces man

Mr. Poisson’s gentleness encourages Mrs. Scorpion to deploy all her effects. She will succeed very quickly, finding in Mr. Poisson the sexual partner she has always sought. If she wants to keep it, she will have to limit the number of her reproaches (such as her lack of liveliness and strength), knowing instead how to appreciate its qualities at their fair value. In their relationship, Mrs. Scorpion will surely have to wear pants.


Scorpio man and Aries woman

Admiring each other, Mrs. Aries and Mr. Scorpio have a passionate and very active relationship. Their boldness unites them and jealousy adds flavor to their sexual relations. Mrs. Aries will practice to unravel the mysteries of the personality of her partner and even if by nature, Mrs. Aries and Mr. Scorpion can enter in competition, their agreement will be lasting.

Scorpio man and Taurus woman

The sexual attraction between Ms. Taurus and Mr. Scorpio is undeniable. Opposite signs, they attract but the resulting relationship may not be easy. Both possessive by nature, they will not give their partner any respite! Mr. Scorpio has a tendency to internalize his feelings, it will be up to Mrs. Taureau to find the instructions.

Scorpio man and Gemini woman

Mrs. Gémeau is seduced by the charisma of Mr. Scorpion. The assets that it will deploy can only cause it to give way. Mr. Scorpio is passionate, in constant search of balance. His partner, in order not to hurt him, must be sincere, endowed with deep feelings and a desire for stability. It is only at this price that they can be realized.

Scorpio man and Cancer woman

The altruism that characterizes them is the basis of their union. Mr. Scorpion represents for Mrs. Cancer: strength and robustness. With such a partner, Madame will be able to bring out her sensuality, her delicacy … showing herself in her best light. By their frankness they will avoid any implication and will form a happy couple. ( TOP COMPATIBILITY )

Scorpio man and Leo woman

Ms. Lion and Mr. Scorpio are irresistibly drawn to each other. Mr. Scorpio bewitches her, but Ms. Lion doesn’t like to feel dominated. Their couple can be a golden river as well as a potential tornado. The cards of the game are in the hands of Mrs. Lion who must meet her need to be at the center of the Universe.

Scorpio man and Virgo woman

Mr. Scorpio, warm, sensual and possessive, will make Mrs. Virgo happy. He will know how to take her under his control and reassure her. At her side, Mrs. Virgo will be able to flourish, developing her sensuality and positivity. However, she must be careful not to let herself be devoured by her partner, losing all autonomy and self-confidence at the same time.

Scorpio man and Libra woman

Mr. Scorpio has a lot of magnetism. This is the man Ms. Libra is looking for. Together, they will satisfy their most intimate desires. Ms Libra couldn’t help but joke around, however. Mr. Scorpion may then see red. Warning !

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman

The union of Madame and Monsieur Scorpio is an endless series of discords. They love each other and tear each other apart. Their respective possessiveness does not make their task easier. The only remark to be made: “we must hope that this does not last too long”!

Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman

Ms. Sagittarius has undeniable qualities. She is globally oriented and wants to be socially successful. Mr. Scorpion knows it but can’t stand to see her walk away every time a new challenge arises. He would like to be at the center of all these concerns but has little chance of success. If he wants to keep it, he will have to take it upon himself.

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman

Mr. Scorpio’s magnetism is attractive to Mrs. Capricorn. He seems a little distant at first glance, but with her, he will discover that life can be beautiful and pleasant. They will be able to complement each other and discover how happy we can be.

Scorpio man and Aquarius woman

Mr. Scorpio may be tempted by the conquest of Mrs. Aquarius; but their weapons of seduction are totally different. Mrs. Aquarius is not sensitive to the charms of Mr. Scorpio, she would even tend to shun him. If, however, he wants to achieve his ends, he will find himself obliged to moderate his ardor.

Scorpio man and Pisces woman

Their meeting will change their life. They need love demonstrations, sensual and sexual relationships. Together, they can sign a contract. Complementary, they will form an unexpected couple.

Forecasts for the sign SCORPIO:

Scorpio 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

After an interminable period of nesting, you will finally spread your wings and access the long-awaited reconnaissance! A sensitive and delicate water sign, you will know how to triumph over your inhibitions to reveal the full extent of your talents to the world. Without showery but with panache, you will come out of the woods at the right time knowing how to surf on an unexpected opportunity. A superb year ahead, rich in encounters and personal accomplishments.

First quarter horoscope 2021

Shrouded in a new aura, you will know how to make your ideas triumph, however innovative they may be. Thanks to the efforts made throughout 2020, you will stand out and throw your competition into the shadows. Modernity is you, obsolescence is them! Galvanized by the energy of Mars, you will be keen to transmit, explain and convince . Your teaching skills will be praised by your peers. Reinforced by your successes, you will show great confidence. Take care that this does not turn into condescension …

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

Your professional situation will be consolidated and you will lay the groundwork for a project that is important to you. Neptune in your astral environment suggests that one of your colleagues will try to limit your scope of action. Obviously you are embarrassing him. You may need to learn to maneuver with more discretion and to be a good psychologist. When you learn to guess your opponents, you’ll be more in control of the situation. Listen to the advice of a wise Capricorn .

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

Field of travel and spiritual elevation, House IX will distract you from your home. The arrival of summer will seem to be accompanied by a decisive journey for the rest of your career . An expatriation could be the order of the day. Change of domicile, climate, language, you will seem enthusiastic at the idea of ​​a leap into the unknown. The persistence of the planet Mars in your astral horizon will make you deaf to any form of dispute. Your desire for absoluteness and your thirst for achievement will not give way in the face of obstacles.  

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

Taking a model from King Midas, you will transform everything you touch into gold, even if it means dehumanizing your loved ones, reduced to the rank of ordinary possessions … The sumptuous world which is yours will leave little room for the impulses of the heart and the demonstrations of affection. Prisoner of your ivory tower, you will move away from your former life, reinforced in your choice by the thousand seductions of House I, linked to the ego … Your thirst for social revenge will harden you.

Love: what the year holds for Scorpios

The guilt you will feel towards your loved one will make you indecipherable. Alternately absent then over-invested, you will appear to be a versatile person. In order to escape more dense explanations, you will resort to lying (by omission), supported in this by the 12th house, home of the dissimulation. Single, your holy horror of marriage will make you laugh at the commitment in the broad sense in public . In this context, you will mainly attract birds of passage, ready to pack up in the first conflict. You won’t complain. Love? A hoax.

Love horoscope for Scorpio: the 2021 forecastsA sign of water renowned for his passionate character, the Scorpio is in love an unpredictable monarch capable of bursts of generosity as well as low blows. He likes to have the ascendancy over the other and never resolves to admit his wrongs, for fear of losing face. He also has a nagging grudge. In 2021, the Scorpio will sometimes tame his demons by being courteous, but will occasionally remember that there can only be one dominant … himself.

Work and money: the 2021 forecast for Scorpio

Work will undoubtedly be your stronghold, your area of ​​excellence, throughout 2021 . Water sign of a precise intelligence, sometimes twisted, you will take on the role of guide and will hardly tolerate being challenged for power. However, associating your qualities with those of an air sign could allow you to increase your influence. Comfortable financially and even prosperous, you can show incomprehensible avarice. Accustomed to reverses of fortune, you will have difficulty in certain circumstances to relieve yourself of a few unfortunate euros …

Work horoscope for Scorpio: what’s new in 2021?Straight out of a Racine play, Scorpio loves tragedy. His exacerbated feelings do not fail to point it out and not always in a good way! He is also a particularly patient being who, better than anyone, knows how to bide his time. In 2021, the Scorpio will take its independence, not without having previously sown chaos in their workplace! From the rubble, this water sign often pulls a Herculean force …

Money horoscope for Scorpio: what finances in 2021?A passionate sign if there is one, Scorpio is also a materialistic being, attentive to his bank account as to that of others. He looks for the right deal wherever he goes and often finds it because he has a German Shepherd flair. In 2021, Scorpio will have every chance of achieving a financial blow. Very aware of banking and real estate news, he will also know how to surround himself well.

The health of Scorpio this year

Your body will show signs of weakness during the fall season . You will be subject to a slight seasonal depression that you can easily treat with phototherapy. In a more general way you will be able to feel certain disorders related to a dysfunction of the thyroid. Changing your eating habits can be helpful. Consuming seaweed, oysters and all foods rich in iodine will alleviate symptoms and strengthen your body. Also be sure to increase your portions! You are slightly malnourished, your hourglass figure will end up worrying those around you.

The family and friendly life of the Scorpio sign in 2021

The fourth house, in analogy with Cancer, will protect you from yourself. Prodigal and capricious child, intoxicated by success, you will be overtaken by your conscience but especially by your loved ones. They will be able to cleverly confront you with certain realities and remind you of your duties and obligations. If you readily accept the remarks of those close to you, you endure much less the “moral lessons” of your friends . The year 2021 will not be free from certain tensions with them.

The Scorpio forecast for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Ascendant Scorpio Aries

Inspired by Charles Aznavour, you will indulge yourself without complex in the joys of old-fashioned pleasures … You will use this year to reconnect with authenticity.

Ascendant Scorpio Taurus

Your soul as a builder will push you to invest in stone. However, you will hesitate between rental investment and pleasure-buying. Your worried character should lead you to a reason buying.

Scorpio Ascendant Gemini

You may suffer from iron deficiencies linked to an anarchic diet. Your lunches on the go and your frequent trips to fast food will produce unwanted effects. It’s time to rework the cuisine of your ancestors.

Ascendant Scorpio Cancer

Your heart leaping, you will rejuvenate under the effect of love at first sight. Sweet tickets, secret meetings, modest allusions, you will fall back into childhood and will know how to touch the heart with a bubbling sign of fire, amused by such delicacy.

Ascendant Scorpio Leo

Between narcissism and immaturity you will pitch. Used to being answered on all occasions, you will be particularly intolerant of frustration. Your inexplicable sulks will peak in mid-August. Your loved ones will have to arm themselves with courage not to steal your feathers.

Ascendant Scorpio Virgo

Your offbeat ways will irritate or seduce depending on the audience you have in front of you. Saying in principle what goes through your mind may be harmful to you. Talking tactfully is always best when dealing with strangers.

Scorpio Ascendant Libra

Your exclusivity can get the better of a loving relationship that you hold dear. You are too often a victim of this personality trait for it not to lead you to questioning yourself.

Ascendant Scorpio Sagittarius

Your sense of humor, sharpened by the influence of Jupiter, will save you from a melancholy to which you are naturally inclined. Laughing at your anxieties with your loved ones will allow you if not to overcome them, at least to overcome them.

Ascendant Scorpio Capricorn

In order to integrate yourself, you will sometimes be ready to deny yourself and worse, to betray those who matter to you. However, you have no reason to disguise your adorable personality.

Ascending Scorpio Aquarius

Your lack of simplicity may give you the impression of a bit of a beggar! Never mind, those to whom you seek to please will take your affected ways for intellectual sophistication …

Ascendant Scorpio Pisces

You will model your behavior on the canine world throughout the first trimester. Between barking and growling you will be a frankly painful business!