Aquarius Horosccope

Everything you need to know about this astrological sign

Aquarius is the most paradoxical sign in the zodiac: capable of being in turn altruistic or selfish, daring or anxious, extrovert or shy. This is because its reference planet, Uranus, is itself subject to reversals … and its element, Air, also predisposes it to sudden about-faces. Its stone, aquamarine, is also adorned with variable reflections. One constant: his taste for independence and freedom.

What dates correspond to Aquarius?

To claim the sign Aquarius, you must be born  between January 21 and February 19 . Or between 16 February and 10 March, if you consider the shift implied by the  13 th  zodiac sign, Ophiuchus .

What is the meaning of the sign Aquarius?

Aquarius means ” water carrier “: this sign is therefore often represented with a silhouette and a filled vase , being overturned, with the liquid flowing from it, representing knowledge and ideas. Its constellation, among the oldest described in the Sky, extends between Pegasus and Capricorn. Mythology links the constellation Aquarius to Ganymede , the young shepherd with whom Zeus, the king of the Gods, fell in love and to whom he transmitted immortality and a place in the firmament.

10 things to know about the sign of Aquarius

Whether you yourselves were born under the sign of Aquarius, or that this applies to one of your relatives, it may interest you to note that Aquarius …  

  • love to learn new things
  • manages to be both elegant and simple
  • can ignite for his theories
  • lives a little “in his world”
  • is easily irritable
  • does not support confinement
  • sometimes disappears without warning
  • little confide his secrets
  • has a little anarchist side
  • is anxious about getting involved

Main qualities of Aquarius: independent, unconventional and inventive

Famous Aquarians: Jennifer Aniston, Charlene of Monaco, Shakira …

Top compatibility: Aquarius woman and Gemini man

What is the character of Aquarius?

It’s hard to sum up Aquarius! Depending on his interlocutor or his mood at the moment, the native of this sign may be charming and communicative or suddenly fall into his shell and send everyone to hell. Often times, Aquarius worries because you never know what to expect with them. .. The advantage is that it overflows with fantasy, originality and creativity . With him, you rarely get bored, whether because he knows how to engage in passionate discussions or because he is able to take you on a whim to the other side of the world, to quench his thirst. novelties and freedom! …More Here

The love compatibility of the sign Aquarius

Aquarius is compatible with personalities who share his taste for discovery and innovation, and who do not want a life too tidy , because with him it will be just the opposite! Thus, the Aquarius man can form a lasting couple with a Sagittarius woman , both carried by their desire to meet and their optimism. For her part, the Aquarius woman will blossom with a native of Cancer : their desires for freedom are understood and complement each other…More Here

Forecasts for the sign Aquarius:



Love and Dating

Here you go again for one of your sulks without tail or head! You refuse to speak out about the reasons for your annoyance, waiting with ill-concealed impatience for the other to find out. You will wait a long time! The presence of Pluto in your sky attests to a communication reduced to its simplest expression. The other will not take the first step, be sure. It may be time to formulate (clearly!) Your grievances … Single, you are touchy when people talk to you about yourself. It makes you look like a concealer.

Health and Fitness

Your body and mind will have nothing to worry about. The strength of the planet Mars will develop your resistance to changes. You will have the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and remove certain addictions in a simple way. This is the perfect time to quit smoking, start a food detox or reduce your sugar intake. You will need to continue your efforts afterwards. Your mental resources will be sufficient to stay motivated.

Work and Money

You are in dire need of major changes in your professional life. This week, Pluto will be strongly encouraging you to define or redefine the career choices that are right for you. If your finances allow, take a break from work or your job search. In an organized and thoughtful manner, take the time to establish a solid project, with criteria and objectives. Life is too short to do something that isn’t right for you!

Family and friends

Escape remains the freest feeling in the world, because it sheds the negative. Thanks to his magical character, he brings out of himself a strength that we did not suspect. Now that you are ready to let go, cross the boundaries of your thinking. Yes, starting this week, you have no choice but to take action. For everything to be piloted remotely, you must absolutely carry out this sorting in your friendly entourage. We’re telling you that just to keep it from all over you. So, bounce to reach for the stars. You owe it to yourself.

Forecasts for the sign Aquarius:



Love and Dating

Mercury will bring a lot of positive to your married life. Some tensions could appear, but rest assured: nothing abnormal or serious. You will remain very close and you will spend a good week together. Single, after a short break, you will come back more confident than ever. Once you have regained your confidence, you should meet with some success with your suitors, or even someone you will like very much. It remains to be seen whether you are ready to enter into a relationship.

Health and Fitness

These days, it’s time to party. Birthdays, moving in or other celebrations, any excuse is good for going out with friends or family. Enjoy it, it’s a great outlet and your mood will be much lighter. This could still generate extra fatigue that you should watch out for so that it does not weaken you. Also pay special attention that these outings are not a way to escape your problems, they will not magically disappear!

Work and Money

Under the influence of your House V, you will want to combine passion and work. A combination that is not always easy to find but that you will need to fully develop yourself. You will seek out what are your most buried aspirations in order to give meaning to your professional activities. You will attach less importance to the pecuniary aspect of your profession. A person more or less close to you will also be at your side. You will welcome this help!

Family and friends

The aspect of Neptune emphasizes your loyalty and loyalty to your friends. These values ​​which are part of you will be greatly recognized. Your comrades will want to thank you and let you hear their affection for you. They may well return the favor in the days to come. These demonstrations will touch you and make you smile. If you have a life companion, you will taste moments of love and fulfillment. In short, the week will be pleasant.

Forecasts for the sign Aquarius:

Aquarius character: A surprising and visionary astro sign

Ruled by Uranus, planet of change, Aquarius, contrary to what its name suggests, is an air sign, marked by spirit and spirituality. Aquarius is a visionary, often forward-looking, free and unconventional, quite unpredictable, elusive and difficult to understand.

Under haughty and cold appearances, Aquarius is in fact constantly in search of friends and new meetings. Altruistic, humanist, curious and very intuitive, he fears neither originality nor evolution, always at the forefront of new ideas.

Aquarius is often criticized for being opportunistic, capricious, self-sufficient, lacking in flexibility, with a great spirit of contradiction and contradictory attitudes. But he  is a being of a very fine and fast intelligence, atypical, magnetic  for those around him. In terms of health, Aquarius must pay attention to their venous system, their circulation.

The Aquarius woman: a surprising personality!

The Aquarius woman is shy, but doesn’t want to show it, which leads her to display a disproportionate independence. Often very pretty and with a very original look,  her reactions are always surprising, and we find her either brilliant or supremely annoying . The Aquarius woman can change jobs often because routine quickly bores her. A fine psychologist, she enjoys devoting herself to others and working in association for research or innovative, creative projects. It will be excellent in all trades related to trade, but also professions around education, well-being and all artistic activities.

The Aquarius woman has a hard time putting up with hierarchical relationships, established order, and easily kicks the hive off, with provocation. Extravagant, versatile, when she finds her way, or her ways, she can be passionate about a cause or an ideal , show her philanthropic side and help revolutionize the world! It is difficult for her to express her emotions, her feelings, because in fact she hides an extreme sensitivity. But she has many friends from all walks of life.

The Aquarius woman in love: often carried away by passion

The Aquarius woman can experience a tumultuous love life. In love with freedom, she finds it difficult to lock herself in the shackles of marriage , or even the overly restrictive couple. She is not afraid to lend herself to new experiences, far from classic patterns. Yet she has a great need to be reassured, and dreams extravagantly of an ideal partner, as libertarian and independent as she is.

His love life can experience big reversals, sudden breakups, irregular rework. The Aquarius woman can thus experience great emotional disappointments. Being above all a very intellectual woman, her disappointments and upheavals tend to bring her sensuality to close. However, passion can once again take everything in its path!

The Aquarius woman will be irresistibly drawn to the Leo man who will make his humanistic ideals shine with fire. The understanding will be excellent with the Gemini man, for his great wit and his insatiable curiosity. As with the Libra man, whose refinement and easy-going side will harmonize the excesses and eccentricity of the Aquarius woman as desired. The Sagittarius man will please him with his enthusiasm and his passion for travel, while the Aries man will make him want to make his actions a reality. Beware of friction with the Taurus man, far too concrete and materialistic to understand the Aquarius woman. And with the Scorpio man, too egocentric and individualistic to share the slightest commonality of views.

The Aquarius man: visionary and head in the air at the same time

The Aquarius man is slender and airy, he is a man of the great outdoors, in light clothes, with an alert gait. Inventive, imaginative, he is always one step ahead of his time . The Aquarius man will particularly like in trades at the cutting edge of technology, science, IT, to which he will always bring an innovative and completely new spirit. But he lacks listening, as well as patience with narrow-mindedness, and has difficulty communicating while loving to talk. His “I know everything” side can irritate more than one.

The Aquarius man finds it very difficult to comply with an outside discipline, and will truly flourish in an independent profession, creating his own business. He is a bit like the mad scientist, a genius with his head in the air, sometimes dreaming of impractical projects. He is a paradoxical being, on the one hand cosmopolitan, deeply humanist and tolerant, on the other cold, distant, introverted . The Aquarius man surrounds himself with very different friends, but he seldom sympathizes and is not very sentimental.

The Aquarius man in love: you must always know how to surprise him …

In love, the Aquarius man is quite ambivalent. He tends to shy away from all forms of attachment, cherishing his freedom and independence too much . One day he can do everything he can to charm a woman, and the next day he can only express indifference, as if she no longer existed. Only the one who can arouse surprise in him, arouse curiosity and keep a certain mystery will find favor in his eyes, and this, throughout the relationship.

The Aquarius man is anyway afraid of a couple diagram that locks him in, and will be much better in a free union, privileging a loving friendship, giving more importance to the bonds of the spirit than to the feelings. . Its sensuality depends entirely on its moods, and as soon as a woman thinks it best to “hold” it, it disappears. He is looking for a liberated, intelligent, avant-garde woman who will be an advisor and an inspiration for him. He seeks in love the spark but fear with horror the stability as much as the fusional relationship.

His most obvious love compatibility will go to the Gemini woman, as open-minded, independent and free as he is. Or to the Aries woman, whose determination, inventiveness and intelligence he appreciates. The Sagittarius woman conquers him for her exploratory side always in search of wonder, the Libra woman for her irresistible attraction towards novelty. The Pisces woman and Cancer woman need a protective man too much to be happy with an Aquarius man. Finally, the Taurus woman, very traditional, will make him flee, like the Leo woman who will give him too much shade!

The character of the sign Aquarius according to its ancestors

Aquarius Ascendant Aries

Aquarius ascendant Aries know how to show initiative and creativity. They have a great need to be surrounded to feel good, but cannot stand exclusivity, which can be complicated in love. Sport is important for Aquarius ascendant Aries, who have a lot of energy to expend.

Aquarius Ascendant Taurus

Aquarius ascendant Taurus are more thoughtful than spontaneous. They prefer to weigh the pros and cons to make a decision. However, they never give up. An eye for detail and a demand for a job well done make Aquarius ascendant Taurus good collaborators.

Aquarius Ascendant Gemini

Aquarius ascendant Gemini are very loyal, in friendship as in love. They cultivate many friendships, enjoy the company of others. Their original and pleasant personality attracts and unites. Sometimes the rising Aquarius Gemini doubts himself and needs to be reassured about his qualities.

Aquarius Ascendant Cancer

Intuition holds a big place in Aquarius ascendant Cancer , and creativity too. They live far from the routine and love it when there is movement. The Aquarius ascendant Cancer people are fully involved in family life and take care of those around them with great affection.

Aquarius Ascendant Leo

Aquarius ascendant Leo are true aesthetes who cultivate a comfortable lifestyle and sincere friendships. They are hyperactive and no one is immune to their devastating humor. A taste for work is one of the great qualities of the ascendant Aquarius Leo, and his little flaw is his intransigence.

Aquarius Ascendant Virgo

Aquarius ascendant Virgo may lack self-confidence despite having great intellectual strength. They are often shy but at the professional level are very reliable. The love aspirations of the ascendant Aquarius Virgo are great which sometimes prevents them from being fully involved in a relationship.

Aquarius ascendant Libra

Communication is the strong point of Aquarius ascendant Libra . They are always ready to meet people and know how to maintain all types of relationships. Sometimes a little over the moon and disorganized, the ascendant Aquarius Libra knows how to work in a team and follow the advice given to him.

Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio

The Ascendant Aquarius Scorpio is all fired up, loves going out and enjoying the pleasures of life. Cheerful and spontaneous, he enjoys making surprises and does not deprive himself of them. He does not hesitate to take risks to defend his ideas or carry out a project. His fiery character can be a brake in emotional relationships.

Aquarius Ascendant Sagittarius

With a straightforward and approachable spirit, the ascendant Aquarius Sagittarius has no trouble making friends. On the contrary, his company is in great demand. Freedom is a condition for him to feel good. He thus turns to professions which preserve his independence. In love, Aquarius ascending Sagittarius are looking for original personalities.

Aquarius Ascendant Capricorn

Aquarius ascendant Capricorns are full of ideas and are often ahead of the trend. Their originality does not disperse thanks to good organizational skills and a taste for accomplished work. The Aquarius rising Capricorn can be spendthrift but always to a fair extent.

Aquarius ascending Aquarius

The ascendant Aquarius Aquarius knows how to analyze people and situations and adapt to them. He likes to change horizons regularly, traveling and meeting new people are important to him. It takes passion and surprise for the rising Aquarian Aquarius to fall in love and engage.

Aquarius Ascendant Pisces

Aquarius with Pisces can be overly sensitive. Very empathetic, they feel tensions, but also know how to take advantage of all the little pleasures in life. Concentration and thoroughness are not the strengths of the ascendant Aquarius Pisces, who prefers to trust his instincts rather than bend to rules.

Forecasts for the sign Aquarius:

Aquarius compatibility

Surprising and independent, the native of Aquarius will not fall in love until they have found the rare pearl, which meets their need for adventure, creativity and passion. Which zodiac signs can meet Aquarius’ requirements to form an extraordinary couple?


Aquarius woman and Aries man

Ms. Aquarius appreciates Mr. Bélier, who is full of life and knows how to surprise her. Very autonomous, she finds in him a man who will understand her. She will know how to make him dream and appease his impulses. Their understanding can be perfect if they don’t get too caught up in the games of seduction that both love. Between Uranus and Mars, the relationship can be sweet or explosive!

Aquarius woman and Taurus man

Mr. Taurus is very patient but his possessiveness will go against the character of Ms. Aquarius which admits of no restrictions. She cherishes love friendships and needs a great deal of independence. Persevering, Mr. Taurus will find it difficult to leave his freedom to Ms. Aquarius, who is for him a feminine ideal. In this relationship, Mr. Taurus can burn himself!

Aquarius woman and Gemini man

Air Signs, Ms. Aquarius and Mr. Gemini are great thinkers, constantly worried about their freedom. Madame will be rather introverted next to Monsieur, but nothing dramatic about this attitude! Together, they will be able to complement each other, share their ideas and develop their senses, becoming the best lovers.

Aquarius woman and Cancer man

Mrs. Aquarius turns Mr. Cancer’s head. While this one is at home waiting for him for a little tenderness, Madame will be in the distance exalting his desires to help his neighbor, forgetting even to apologize for it. If Mr. Cancer can understand it and be satisfied with it, their relationship can be lasting.

Aquarius woman and Leo man

Mr. Leo will not have the satisfaction of being seen with Mrs. Aquarius, seeking spiritual nourishment. So, while Madame will have her head in the stars, Monsieur will be looking for his next trophy to conquer. Their relationship is vulnerable.

Aquarius woman and Virgo man

Mrs. Aquarius is not the understanding and reassuring woman that Mr. Virgo would like. She is distant and afraid of becoming attached. Their different Universes only generate incomprehension, making it impossible to imagine a lasting connection.

Aquarius woman and Libra man

Ms. Aquarius and Mr. Libra will have no difficulty in communicating. Mister’s changing mood can sometimes affect Madam but a little understanding can fill this gap! Each being attentive to the needs of their partner, there is no reason for their relationship to be constantly questioned.

Aquarius woman and Scorpio man

Mr. Scorpio may be tempted by the conquest of Mrs. Aquarius; but their weapons of seduction are totally different. Mrs. Aquarius is not sensitive to the charms of Mr. Scorpio, she would even tend to shun him. If, however, he wants to achieve his ends, he will find himself obliged to moderate his ardor.

Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man

The union of Mrs. Aquarius and Mr. Sagittarius has every chance of success. Mr. Sagittarius, concerned about his personal success, understands his partner’s need for independence and doesn’t suffocate her. They have the same desire to devour life to the fullest and will complete many projects together.

Aquarius woman and Capricorn man

Mr. Capricorn is too enthralled with social success. Mrs. Aquarius even believes, that he does not sufficiently enjoy the pleasures of life; her, who is always right to left. Not here ! She cannot assist her partner.

Aquarius woman and Aquarius man

Ms. and Mr. Aquarius want to meet a person who is receptive to their needs. By allying with another Aquarius, they will find in their partner an out-of-the-ordinary person with whom they can grow and enrich themselves through many exchanges. Freedom will not be an obstacle to their union as it is vital to their couple.

Aquarius woman and Pisces man

Mr. Poisson’s heightened sensitivity attracts Ms. Aquarius. In their relationship, Madame will show understanding and altruism. She will make him dream making him want to see life in pink. If Mr. Pisces manages to make Madame feel confident, their relationship will be sincere and deep.


Aquarius man and Aries woman

Ms. Bélier is impetuous. She wants to live at a hundred miles an hour. Mr. Aquarius is a dreamer for whom independence is vital. In common, they have a developed taste for Life and Freedom. Together, they will be able to build a solid union, where independence will have a preponderant place.

Aquarius man and Taurus woman

Mrs. Taurus is a pleasant companion for Mr. Aquarius. Patient and altruistic, she will listen to the needs of her companion who appreciates having a person with a strong personality in front of him. To satisfy Mr. Aquarius’ desire for perfection, Ms. Taurus won’t hesitate to get down to business. Thus, if Madame knows how to moderate her materialistic desires and not to suffocate, their union will be lasting.

Aquarius man and Gemini woman

Big dreamers, Mrs. Gemini and Mr. Aquarius will love long discussions where they will rebuild the world in their own way. They may look very different to you at first, but that won’t be a problem. A certain complementarity will be established between them and life will seem a little more beautiful.

Aquarius man and Cancer woman

The signs of affection that Mrs. Cancer needs are not the strong point of Mr. Aquarius who swears by his independence and his quest for a better world. The detachment he shows will be hard to bear for Mrs. Cancer, for whom proof of love is vital. In essence, then, it’s hard to say that Ms. Cancer and Mr. Aquarius will be able to get along.

Aquarius man and Leo woman

Mr. Aquarius, cerebral, needs to remake the world. For this, it allies itself with great causes. Completely devoted, he does not desire to become attached, and has no need to parade. Ms. Lion therefore feels frustrated. She who likes to be showcased and adored by a strong man who is able to dominate her. It’s hard to say that their union is perfect!

Aquarius man and Virgo woman

Mrs. Virgo would like Mr. Aquarius to look at her a little more, to be more present and attentive. That’s a lot to ask of this man who dreams of a better life, adventure and surprise. By the reigning misunderstanding, it seems unreal to think that these two could spend more than a few days together.

Aquarius man and Libra woman

With Mr. Aquarius, Mrs. Libra will be able to flourish. They will be of great complicity. The independence of Mr. Aquarius, a little heavy, is not an obstacle to their relationship. Despite everything, Monsieur must not give too much importance to his friends.

Aquarius man and Scorpio woman

Mr. Aquarius is an indisputable thinker. These utopias dazzle Ms. Scorpion who would like to bring him back to earth. She would like to change it and see it more demonstrative. It should not be said that it is wasted effort but beware of disappointments !!!

Top compatibility

Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman

Ms. Sagittarius and Mr. Aquarius are complementary. Mrs. Sagittarius, definitely positive, manages to convince Mr. Aquarius, even pushing him to realize himself. Their way of life and their far from incompatible desires can allow them to have a peaceful life and passionate relationships.

Aquarius man and Capricorn woman

Air sign, Mr. Aquarius does not live the same reality as Mrs. Capricorn. And even if she can blame him for his indifference and lack of responsibility, their relationship can work. Mrs. Capricorn taking matters in hand. Wish them good luck !

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman

Ms. and Mr. Aquarius want to meet a person who is receptive to their needs. By allying with another Aquarius, they will find in their partner an out-of-the-ordinary person with whom they can grow and enrich themselves through many exchanges. Freedom will not be an obstacle to their union as it is vital to their couple.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

Mrs. Poisson demands a lot of attention that Mr. Aquarius cannot give her. Her request will be increasing but she will only obtain indifference in return. Little by little, Mr. Aquarius, very attached to his independence, will move away, going in search of a partner who will know, perhaps, understand him.

Forecasts for the sign Aquarius:

Aquarius 2021 horoscope: your astro forecasts for the year

Emblem of indocility, Aquarius will sail in 2021 on the waves of freedom. Of incomparable inventiveness, this air sign known for its eagle intelligence will know how to mix the useful with the pleasant by transforming its passions into lucrative activities. Aquarius, your successes will make you a confident and courted individual. Not sure, however, that you will give a favorable response to these requests. We don’t change, independence is your signature.

First quarter horoscope 2021

In the wake of the X house, area of ​​social achievement, you will start the year 2021 on the hats of the wheel. Allergic to purring routines and methods, you will manage to impose changes in your workplace . Modernity is your trump card and you never take long to get it out of your sleeve. You also have a great facility to communicate and have the gift of forcing the hand of your employees while appearing to ask for their consent.

Horoscope for the second quarter of 2021

Always at the forefront of innovations, you will take advantage of the ardor of Mars to bring some of your ideas to life. Your insatiable curiosity will push you to travel and import from distant lands certain avant-garde techniques / methods . Discovering concepts and talents, you will be commended for your ability to stay ahead of the competition. Smart, you will also succeed in placing your own interests at the heart of your professional activity.

Horoscope for the third quarter of 2021

The many journeys that you will undertake, guided in this by the house IX, place of exchanges and displacements, will place on your road another sign of air seduced by your eloquence. You yourself will appear confused, even if you initially refuse to admit it. You are the type to scurry away when a serious relationship presents itself. You’re so worried about getting tied up that you tend to cut ties before they even get tied .

Fourth quarter 2021 horoscope

Your appetite for travel, expeditions and other missions in uncharted lands may lead you to revise your career plan. Planet Pluto will lead you towards great changes . Play, the Indiana Jones of the zodiac, will be tempted to embrace a profession that satisfies your quest for knowledge. Try to will dream of being an archaeologist, explorer, inventor… You have a fundamental need to understand the world in which you live. You are as unstable as you are captivating!

Love: what the year has in store for Aquarius

In a Relationship, under the effect of an interaction between Venus and Pluto, you will be terribly lunatic, capable of both the best and the worst. Indifferent one day, full of attentions the next, you will disconcert your partner who can quickly place you in front of an ultimatum . Since you hate summons above all else, you will be tempted to run away. Single, you will be looking for a partner similar to you. But it will be very difficult to find this rare bird …

  • Love horoscope for Aquarius: predictions for 2021Often showing a thinly veiled cynicism, Aquarius casts a condescending gaze on the couple. This independent air sign had triumphantly left 2020, celebrating his celibacy. The lack of link could however end up weighing on him in 2021.

Work and money: Aquarius’ 2021 predictions

Lucky in business, you will make yourself rich and want to let people know. A bit showy, you will expose your success to the sight of all who can attract you the favors of disreputable people. Use more discretion. Professionally, you will not be intimidated by anything or anyone . Using cunning and intelligence, you will win your case with your hierarchy who will see in you an essential element. It’s time to negotiate an increase: by all means we will try to keep you …

  • Work horoscope for Aquarius: what’s new in 2021?Avant-garde, Aquarius is in a perpetual quest for evolution. He likes to surprise himself. In 2021, full of good will, he will forge his way on a ground that he does not yet know has been mined. His unwitting arrogance will eventually “pay off”.
  • Aquarius silver horoscope: what finances in 2021?Ambitious and courageous, the native of Aquarius never hesitates to invest to get rich. He is not interested in saving, he prefers, rightly, to bet: he is endowed with a real sense of business. In 2021, this inspired air sign will not deny its reputation and will target the art market this time …

The health of the natives of Aquarius this year

Always thrown on a high speed train, you won’t take much care of your health. With you, everything can always wait! The little everyday ailments will never bother you and you will constantly postpone consultations and pharmacy visits to the next day. Learn to be less careless, you could suffer from some dental problems, especially during the second trimester .

Family and Friendship Life for Aquarius in 2021

A sign of evanescent air, hosted by the XI house, a place of support and friendships, you can count on the unfailing support of your loved ones . The reverse will not always be true. To get across your shortcomings, you will often resort to lying, which will not go unnoticed. Your reputation as Pinocchio will soon precede you wherever you go … This propensity for mythomania will sometimes seem to overtake you.

Aquarius forecast for the year 2021 according to your ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant Aries

Battler and clownish you will amuse your opponents with your sleeve effects. You will sometimes lose in persuasiveness what you gain in comic potential. You would probably shine on stage …

Aquarius Ascendant Taurus

Under the influence of your Taurus ascendant , greed can lead you to make bad choices. A little money, you will lose sight of the essential to favor profit, even if it means finding yourself in questionable situations.

Aquarius Ascendant Gemini

Your Gemini ascendant will take precedence over your original sign this year. Your duality will be perceived unequally by your interlocutors. Genius for some, tartuffe for others, you will not leave anyone indifferent.

Aquarius Ascendant Cancer

Your Cancer ascendant will in certain circumstances make you ticklish, if not downright touchy. What have you not been told, you are already upset and take the fly even before your interlocutor is justified.

Aquarius Ascendant Leo

Your excess of hospitality may serve you. By dint of trusting the first comer, be careful not to let the wolf enter the fold. Learn how to decipher the intentions of your hosts before opening your doors to them.

Aquarius Ascendant Virgo

Entangled in long-term indecision, you will have great difficulty in taking sides and joining a group. Your fear of hurting others will condemn you to standstill, especially during the third trimester.

Aquarius ascendant Libra

Aware of your power of domination, you will have fun playing cat and mouse for a long time. This attitude, which will amuse you a lot, could hurt other more fragile beings …

Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio

Pugnacious and biting, you will have, pegged to the body, the desire to confuse the dishonest beings around you. To achieve your goals, you will investigate and not let go. Your enemies will have better watch out …

Aquarius Ascendant Sagittarius

We will talk a lot behind your back. Rumors will fly over your head. You are not the type to justify yourself and prefer to “let it run”. Your thirst for freedom exceeds your need for justice and you don’t hate being talked about … even badly.

Aquarius Ascendant Capricorn

Under the effect of your Capricorn ascendant, your sensitivity will hypertrophy … The slightest disappointment will plunge you into the throes of sadness and melancholy. The smile of a carefree Libra will give you a boost.

Aquarius ascending Aquarius

Your persistence at work may be accompanied by some inconvenience. You will need to ensure the good health of your eyes which could suffer from repeated exposure to the blue lights of your screens. Head to the countryside and the outdoors!

Aquarius Ascendant Pisces

In the crystal-clear waters where it will evolve, your Pisces ascendant will certainly find you a mermaid or a newt. The presence of Venus in your sky announces a meeting full of poetry.